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  1. I said on other places that i am fine with things like AI being the same, and i ultimately never expected something like a Skirmish mode. However exploits need to be adressed, at least some of more serious ones that could break, or even crash the game. I am also not a fan of lack of certain information, most of the stuff was said outright [which i did not expect personally] however some things felt avoided like stuff regarding 'modding' as Nick only really talked about custom maps. As well as what bugs they are fixing. No information about stuff like Multi Team, Player keep position, switching keeps or player change colour like from the latter games was even mentioned. Still, 15 euros is a fair price, even if they don't change much the native Steam MP support and Workshop will be nice enough, and i enjoy the visuals, especelly on the buildings.
  2. I hope we can convince Firefly on Discord to perhaps remedy this, Warlords already solved this issue in like one of its first patches so they clearly seem to have knowledge to make changes, though generally i am happy with SH1 siege AI, they work well on most maps and its more about them going on in Numbers.
  3. Hmmm, is this still being worked on? I think this is a very interesting project but there is 1 issue that will be annoying. AI Seemingly only read Castle01, and will ignore 2 and above. Ignoring of course Tiny and Keep only castles this means that if we want AI to actually use any other castle, we would have to constantly rename Castle files to be used. I find this odd as Stronghold 2 supports up to 4 AI castles per AI, so i don't know what Firefly changed, nor am i sure if it can be changed to allow more than 1 castle to be read.
  4. Proper MP is one of the only things they actually mention in the trailer so you are covered on that. As for AI who knows. Collisions i don't think would be possible since SH1 had no collision system at all, hell there was no collision system of any kind in these games unti like, well Warlords. You can already cap abandoned siege machines and any unit can already take over gatehouses, i mean its what siege tower is for, to allow you to acomplish that. Knights and Siege engines can already walk on walls if they are on same height plane [although i think this is just a bug rather than something intended, but it can happen] We already have different towers... I really don't get some of you points since they are already in the game.
  5. So 1 thing i always liked in something in AOM was more than the standard 8 players allowed, that being 12, its a nice thing but very rarely games implement such a feature, and this series even ending up lowering the total player count. One workaround is actually creating a War Custom map, there are 10 coloured shields you can put, of which 9 are AI, allowing you to have a very quiet but still a 10 player match, although you are limited to 9 Campaing AI, so you cannot have Queen and Bishop there. Plus you can only have 3 teams and neutrals, so Allies and 2 enemy teams. Though another interesting thing you can have is have 16 territories with all being AI controlled, normally you can't have multiple castles of same AI but if you first make them villages, paint over a certain shield, then place over Castle flags, you have now just made castle territories. 15 Olafs is not a pretty sight [ill put an image, you can only see 4 but trust me there are 15]. The problem with this is that technically this is all 1 AI, so if you take out 1 all will become Castle Estates under your control. This does not work with players, you will just get another estate with another Lord spawned but you cannot build any structures like Barracks or walls, while still taking your resources. One workaround i thought was to give some AI only 1 additional clone, so if one dies only 2 estates get turned over rather than over, so it would be a 8 player match with adittional castle each [which is very weird] Sadly Kingmaker is an issue, you cannot add more than 7 AI, and the game crashes if you Dice roll the game crashes if there is but 1 more Castle flag on the map. Ive tried some workarounds like praying to Jesus, MP match with MP AI mod, and not much else i could think off. I do not expect that game could actually handle more than 10 UNIQUE colours [i mean there should be only 10 Campaing colours, and black and white i presume] but if there was a way to SOMEHOW allow the game to do this, we could have 10 or 12 player games, maybe even 16, with all the AI rather than just being restricted to max 8 players or having only 9 campaing AI in War Custom. I am really wondering if there is anything that can be done to prevent that Kingmaker crash on dice rolls, even just that would be cool.
  6. Think ill start with FSB thing since that is more of a concern for me than MakeV currently. I want to edit and add audio to existing FSB files of Crusader 2 and Warlords, while the tools provided allow me to extract something like Overlord speeches, i have not found a program that allows me to put in new MP3 files and then Compile/Pack the FSB. The reason i want this is because i am thinking Crusader 2 and Warlords clearly do not want to read audio that isn't packed into an FSB [so just having MP3 files alone isn't enough], so i can't add something like Lord speeches or names without having packed them into an FSB I have noted that listing in the Overlord.Lua appropriate code for a new blank AI makes the game Look for said Quotes in order to play them [so when it wants to play an audio it will say in the corner WO_Anger_1 something something] but it seems as long as the files for said Quotes or such aren't in FSB they won't be read, and i don't know of an alternative way to make the game read maybe specifically MP3 files, so i want to try to compile/pack new MP3 files into an FSB, be it a new FSB or unpack the Lord speech that has all said audio and pack them all together. However FMOD is a paid program for developers, and another program a friend reccomended me does not work.
  7. I have come across your post about using MakeV with older versions of the game, but that is not the issue, game hasn't been updated recently [or in the past few weeks i have used the tool] No advertisement updates or such, i can't be using an outdated .V considering that. While as i said above i have a workaround where i just don't try to create a new Zip and convert it, and instead i just put edited files inside of the Zip and having it overwrite the data inside it, its slightly annoying and would be much easier to just Pack up a new archive with edited files and then have game read a converted .V from that, but i am unable to do that and i am unsure whether or not its a WinRar problem. Same with PACKING FSB files, i know how to unpack them using the tool and following instructions, but i am very interested in PACKING new files inside those Audio files for the game to possibly read them, like adding new music or even new AI voicelines [or even replacing them], and unfortunately that tool does not work to pack the audio files.
  8. I have been playing around the idea of modding this game [and Warlords and in future perhaps SH3 to some degree] however i am having issue with MakeV. I convert the assets file, then extract it, make my changes, zip it up, and then run it trough MakeV again, however this results in the game crashing. Ive then figured out that i don't have to replace Assets.v constnatly and that i can have a new .v file that has only things i need. [i list this file in config.xlm and put it above the other .v files so it has a load priority, well i assume at least] however the changes in that new .V do not apply [in this case i have increased troop and building limits to 5k each] However workaround i found is if i keep the zip, extract the files and edit them, so again editing options.lua in scripts to increase limits, then place that file Back in to the Zip and using MakeV, it works and changes apply, plus they work in game [no more 50 buildings on 8 players]. But i obviously shouldn't put files directly into the Zip, so i am wondering why if i extract the files, and then Zip those up, the game wont load them. So i am wondering what is the issue to me just zipping those files, since if i didn't have this problem i wouldn't have to do the Workaround [which while not time consuming it is annoying] Tool i use is Winrar for this. - The FSB packing, i have thought of adding new Audio, be it extra messages or such, however while i can certantly unpack the FSB files game uses, i have no idea what can i use to do so, since tool on the site only extracts the files, and does not pack the back up.
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