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  1. [OoC] I believe this is where someone who has a plan for the story comes and tells us what we encounter while scouting whatever place we're scouting. :P?Otherwise we're going to have to make it up ourselves...
  2. [OoC] Good God, you guys get a lot done in a week. This last month of school is killing me right now, so much work. Since I'm not in this scene I'll shut up for the moment, and I'll try to keep on top of this as much as possible.
  3. "I fail to see how this man's broken nose is relevant at the moment. Perhaps this conversation would be better had once we have found, or made, a way out, regained our personal effects and gained some distance from this... charming establishment."
  4. "I highly doubt it. As far as the note goes, it is merely instructions to 'dispose of the men called Goodman, Loring, Lloyd and ... ' I assume the last name in that list is supposed to be my own, however whatever illiterate wrote this seems incapable of spelling it. I would suspect that whoever the bandit's inside man in the castle was, he was also aware that Duke was expecting us to arrive shortly."
  5. "Oh dear. My eyes aren't quite as good as they used to be..." Mutters Julian as he squints at the writing. After a minute or so of turning the paper every which way, he lays it down on the table. "Bloody illiterate peasants... You're supposed to use the pointy end of the quill, not the feathered one..." Then, speaking to the group he says "The note was clearly written by someone with a very limited understanding of how letters work. However, the general intent seems to be that this person was to eliminate a guest, or perhaps a group of guests, the Duke was expecting. If that is correct, it can be assumed that whoever is currently in control of the castle knows that the duke was expecting company in the next few days. I would put little faith in the man's story -or, for that matter, his sanity- however, I would suggest we move quickly before he is missed."
  6. Walking over from where he had been talking with a few of the locals, Julian reaches out and grabs the scroll to read it... [OoC: Right, I should have a bit of time to myself this upcoming week, so I'll try to keep up on what's going on here.]
  7. Hey, sorry guys, I've been (and will likely continue to be) extremely busy for the next while between school work, actual work, around the house work, and social events. By the time I actually get to sit down and have a few hours to myself spending three hours writing (the usual amount of time I'll spend on a decent post) is not something I have the focus for.
  8. Julian sat at the rear of the wagon after having swapped out his worn traveling robes for a long silk chiton mostly covered by an ornate dalmatic in the Byzantine style. His mule followed reluctantly behind the cart, once or twice braying at the elderly man, who responded softly in a language unknown to the party save, perhaps, brother Goodman. As they draw within sight of the bridge to town, Julian climbs down and walked up to the front of the wagon. "Gentlemen," he says, in an accent noticeably thicker than when he previously spoke, "might I suggest you leave any talking to me until we are safely in town? Well costumed as you all are, your local accents might betray the Eastern origin suggested by your dress." The others nod or murmur in agreement, and they continue towards town... [OoC: In case no one recognized the last name, my character is Greek, and unless I specify otherwise that's the language I speak to myself and my mule. Since Goodman spent time in the holy lands, I'd assume before the Kingdom of Jerusalem fell, it is likely he had experience with Greek merchants or the Byzantine army and might recognize the language.]
  9. Our first task should be to assess our opponents. What are their numbers, morale, and skill? Between us and the town I see only this guard post. I suspect three travelers would attract little attention. Most likely there will be only three or four bandits collecting a toll for any seeking to enter the town, if they are willing to risk making their presence known to outsiders. Once in the town, there are a plethora of places to seek information from the locals. The church, the apothecary, the market, and of course the inn, although the latter is also likely to be swarming with... unwelcome guests. Now, the only issue I see with posing as merchants is that we are notably lacking in wares. Unless we've come to purchase fish, in which case we'd also need a means of transporting them, a wagon or cart, since I have yet to see a merchant rolling barrels across the countryside - and I suspect a paranoid bandit might have the same thought. (OoC: that's all dialogue, and I just realized this thread was open again. :P )
  10. Right, so Charles has gone blind. Two people try to point out the deadline is in JANUARY while the month is currently FEBRUARY and he still misses it... *facepalm*
  11. I find that the mechanics are a bit... Pointless. It doesn't really add anything to game-play, other than forcing you to use resources on a few buildings that take up a moderate amount of space on maps which are smaller than those of the original game. Then once in a while it causes your carefully balanced popularity to drop when both of your gong farmers and one of your falconers all decide to get together and form the largest criminal syndicate the castle has ever seen, which in turn backlogs your courthouse until you get some gallows up and running. I feel like if the intent was to create a more in-depth non-military side of the game, it could probably have been done better. As it is, these are simple nuisances that eat up resources and space when (in a multiplayer or kingmaker game) you have neither to spare.
  12. Hmmm... Stronghold 2... Probably the best mapmaker features, although I know the tricks of the SH1 editor a lot better. Well, I may give it a shot, although it'll be tough considering maps are due in about 17 days ago. Always great to have advanced notice of this stuff. :P
  13. "I am Julian Palaiologos, a humble scholar. I heard tell on the road that the duke of these lands was offering work, and being a little light in the pockets I decided that I have put off traveling to this particular part of the world for quite long enough." The old man replies, adjusting his robes while doing so.
  14. As the last rays of sunlight sink below the horizon, a mounted figure crests one of the rolling green hills along the path to the south-east. The road, if such a narrow dirt trail can even be called such, twists its way down the side of the hill and past a grove of trees towards the river. As this traveler works his way along the path, the two knights are able to more clearly ascertain his appearance. He is mounted upon a shaggy grey mule, which is also carrying a set of saddle bags. A number of leather cylinders, canisters of the type used to store maps and scrolls, protrude from one of these bags. The man himself is of advanced years, clad in dark green robes which, although not of poor quality, seem to have seen a great many miles. In addition to a sword hanging from his side, this man carries a staff. Both sword and staff are elaborately engraved in the old Nordic style seldom seen these days. The staff is topped with an iron figure of a dragon with outstretched wings and the tail wrapping itself around the wooden shaft to hold this figurehead in place. The hilt of the sword has decorations of a similar style, and it is likely both were made by the same blacksmith and meant as a matching set. Passing the grove of trees now, and disturbing a cluster of songbirds in doing so, the old man's mule stops abruptly. Having dismounted to attempt to lead his mount onwards, it seems he is slightly shorter than average, and an olive skin tone suggests he is originally a native of a Mediterranean country. With the mule, living up to every bit of its reputed stubbornness, refusing to move the man begins walking away, running his hand through his wavy, short grey hair in exasperation. The light breeze carries a few frustrated words spoken by a wispy in a foreign language to the knights watching the man's approach. As soon as he begins walking the mule follows a half dozen paces behind, prompting what would seem to be a sarcastic comment by the old man's tone of voice. Approaching within reliable earshot of the knights he calls out, speaking in a moderately accented English: "Good evening fine sirs, it seems my companion here is just about done for the night. Would either of you know how far it be to Riverbourne castle? I had hoped to make it by nightfall, however it seems I was a bit off in my timing." [OoC:] Just assume my approach is happening during any conversation you two are having. Also for reference, he sounds an awful lot like Richard Harris.
  15. Character Name: Julian Palaiologos Character Age: 59 Personality: Wise, reserved, cynical Titles: N/A Talents & Skills: Swordsmanship, riding, linguist, literate, generally knowledgeable Possessions: Longsword, a moderately decorated staff/walking stick, mule, an assortment of books & scrolls, writing implements, robes Physical Description: An older, olive-skinned, green eyed man with short, thick, and wavy grey hair. Slightly shorter than average. Surprisingly agile for an old man. Brief History: Born into a minor noble family in the Byzantine Empire, Julian (age 23) was exiled following the assassination of the Emperor and the succession crisis which followed. (Although a cousin was able to take up the title which Julian had inherited at age 21) Since that time, Julian has offered his services as a teacher (both of swordsmanship and penmanship) and adviser in various courts across the known world. * *Most people would not be aware of this history. Only nobility would be likely to know of Julian's reputation as a skilled adviser.
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