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Hello Readers, I've Created

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A 1v1 map, I would like to experience it with another player, ASAP. 

 It’s  got everything you need on your side.
specifications include:  

-extra farmland ; 3 of every food source can fit comfy with extra room to spare for more food, or room for castle equipment “religion, ale coverage ETC” 

4 stone mines 

4 iron mines,

4+ pitch mines 

2 wild animal spawns for your hunters to collect 

MANY TREES for workers to cut. 


Players start on their side with limited castle  space and farm room provided for a thriving castle. The starting space is “Earth”

The farmland separates the mines, pitch pit  from the castle space,  And as you thrive and build  and defeat enemies, you have a cascading waterfall for you to enjoy the view!  

as your men cut down the trees in the outer most part of your castle, you can put heavy troops in the slim valley, and use the space that was trees  as an army staging area in the late game. 

Now, separates you and I, is a slim , rigged  Pass of Doom. Lots of killing will be had here, On the mountains  is an infinity oasis for your enjoyment and the sound of rushing water while the bodies stack down below  in the treacherous pass .

Main troopers can be mercenaries, or you can go with the English troopers.  Due to the amount of iron produced, it is wise to use mercenaries early game, and then start either either combo with European troops, or late game siege equipment. 

Mangonel Siege equipment on castles can reach the other players farms if positioned correctly. It is looked down upon I feel, for the idea of the map was for the player to have his resources untouched. But it won’t stop you from doing so. 

im on 1.4.

cant wait to see what you think  🙏🏻👍🏻

sorry for the novel. Thank you for the read 


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