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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to start here a new topic about playing a Stronghold 3 multiplayer game. I very much like this game, and try to contact people through Steam, and now currently here as well. Please let me know here, or on Steam. My name on Steam is Hollokiraly. Best regards.
  2. Hello all fans of Stronghold 2. I have really interesting question: do Pharmacy (apotechary) and worker there healer, medic can heal Lord?. Because in explanation of buildings says that he can heal, and i try my Lord was hurt in combat but nothing happened latter?
  3. Pleasure is mine. Have a good time in SH2. Maybe we meet in battlefield. ^^
  4. Hello to all. I am new here. Forum is really good and all Stronghold 2 Nation. What is the best tactic against mass shields, horse archers, catapults, balistas etc... How players can stand with this kind of tactics and oppose?
  5. Hello, Greetings to all. I am so many places for your tactics which I read not long ago. I play Stronghold 2 in childhood and it was really funny and good. I make a plan for two different tactics one is for gold, another is honor.
  6. They stay in England for almost a year, he was lazy all the time. He participated in duels, hunting, or tournaments. This did not satisfy the yang King, and his company was bored. They preferred to wander, rather than stay in one place. Understand well because that was a core: a long stay in one place disgraces a person.

    History of Viliam the Marshall


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