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  1. I will be attending today's game if it is still on.
  2. I'm available on Wednesday afternoon-evening, I'd be up for a game then.
  3. I'd be up for one tomorrow, don't know about Monday though I'll let you know.
  4. That was a fun game, I disbanded my army because I felt like Chris deserved the win! GG
  5. I would like to note that it is quite possible that they will come up with an alternative solution however it should be noted they have their hands full with the new Crusader game coming out so it probably isn't a priority. Felt it was important everyone should know so if I wasn't allowed to post here I'd like to apologise. Source: Firefly Studios website
  6. Made an account just for this topic, I would like to sign myself up for the game if there is still room.
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