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  1. I have a solution for this, separate to the "SH2 Manager" discussed and started a separate topic to discuss and provide help.? Lord_Chris closed my topic as being against the site rules, however the solution does the same as what's being discussed in this topic; and has specifically been commented on by him also.? I cannot DM to query the topic closure as apparently I do not have permission to do so. The solution was tested and works perfectly with retail version of SH2 v1.4.1.? It does not appear to work with any Steam version.
  2. AI in multiplayer - if you're still looking for "Stronghold 2 Manager"... For those of you that want AI back in the multiplayer so you can do co-op and can't find a solution, read on. The AI in multiplayer was removed from the non-steam version some time ago via a patch I believe. There was a solution using so-called "Stronghold2 Manager" some time back but that always showed up having viral content and was hard to find (and you had to trust...). I found this source code (Mod edit: link removed) - I am not the author. Being source, you can review it's content and actions. Once compiled (VSCommunityEd), it works like a charm. Note that I have the retail version of stronghold and play on GameRanger. Via GameRanger, run SH2 as normal - Host actions: CTRL-ESC, run task manager, find the Process ID of SH, run your compiled executable as admin, enter the PID and voila - no messing around like the "Manager" product.? No need for other players to do anything different to normal. Edit - added reference to GameRanger in starting the game
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