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  1. Friends. Here I just made a video in which you can hear only a part of my new sounds for my mod Russia. This is the smallest part of what has been done. In addition to military sounds, many ordinary peaceful sounds have been replaced. But I ask you to listen to the sounds of battle and screams of pain =) =). this is true, not all sounds))) there are so many civil, peaceful, artisan sounds. I tried to fully preserve the style of old sounds, BUT change. Plus something added. For example, if you look, listen - when a soldier dies from an arrow ... then you can hear it again: the fall of the body on the ground also came up with one more thing - depending on the armor, is the sound played - that is, if the mace hits the maceman? then the sound is one - if by swordsman it is different ....)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQvxcv4Q8-E&t=40s
  3. Thanx )) At the moment, three mercenaries are ready in color. The other four will soon be. And then I'll put everyone together.
  4. That's what I want to write to them. New features: Planned to add: 1) the Bundle of straw ? used for putting enemies on fire as a cheap way of defense. It can be used for free then grain farm is built; 2) the Boiled water vat ? cheap way of castle defense. It is doing less damage and cost lower than boiling oil. 3) the ability to dig tunnels from the castle for infantry. To perform sudden strikes and to make a sortie; 4) the ability to place infantry units inside houses and on the roofs of barracks, guilds of tunnel diggers and engineers; 5) the ability to cross water moat for Arabian slinger; 6) the Beehive building to produce honey and wax workshop building to produce wax; 7) the Fisherman?s hut building to procure fish; 7.1) the Fishman?s house to process fish; 8) the Henhouse building to breed chickens and collect eggs for food; 9) the ability to increase production of hop and wheat by building more wells. (Because well gives clean water for irrigation and drinking); 10) the Kitchen garden building for growing fruits and vegetables; 11) the Healer from pharmacy can craft poisons for arrows; 12) the ability for Healer to heal wounded units (Lord included); 13) the earth rampart before castle walls and towers for increasing time for enemy to reach the wall; 14) the ability to shoot from siege weapons with logs, straw balls, and tar balls; 15) the smoke from the fire. Smoke from fire do damage to living units; 16) the ability to automatically buy/sell any goods and the ability to set amount of goods to buy/sell and time for this action; 17) the ability to transfer to the player (or computer) the control of army or building. I.e. under the color of flag and under full control; 18) the ability to create unit formation; Planned to change: 1) to Slightly increase the range of fire for European archer; 2) to give the Spearmen the ability to always run and attack with acceleration. This will slightly increase his protection against arrows and rocks and gives him a bonus damage for the first strike. Also, increase his HP for the amount of one arrow; 3) the resource processing ratio. I.e. one plank is enough to craft three bows or two crossbows. One iron ingot is enough to craft two swords or three clubs; 4) to increase capacity of granary, armory, and warehouse; 5) to increase capacity of hovels from 8 to 10; 6) to increase initial number of population w/o houses up to 15 people; 7) to create flexible system of initial resources with the possibility to fully change the starting options and resources before battle begins; 8) to enhance AI, so it can play smart and cause problems to player; 9) to strengthen and develop computer?s opponent castles; 10) to add eastern computer?s opponent eastern buildings and religious buildings; 11) to add the ability for eastern Lords to produce they own weapons and hire they own warriors. 12) to slightly increase parameters for all units; 13) to increase the capacity of all towers, gates, and walls. Make walls wider so units can go in two rows on the walls; 14) to give the ability to rotate all building (around the center of building, in 4 directions) for better placement and more rational usage of free space; 15) to increase map size up to 600?600; 16) to increase the number of computer opponents up to 12 (plus 1 human player); 17) to increase the number of animal resources and the fertile lands on the map; 18) to remove army size limit; 19) to decrease the size of milk farm and apple garden for increasing free space on the map; 20) to add the ability to hire more peasants for iron and cheese productions and for growing apples, hop, wheat.
  5. Thank you very much! I will definitely take this opportunity. I plan to write to them about some improvements in general. I just consider Krusader 1 the best game in the series
  6. Thanks, I'll pass it on to her =). But you have not seen all these soldiers in color =). I want to try to write to the authors of the game authors that they still made the addition and some patches on Stronghold Crusader 1. Soon, as soon as the colored mercenaries are ready - I'll lay out all the painted art.
  7. No, I did not draw these art. This helps me a familiar artist. I ask her and she draws to me. But I write her descriptions and images of the warriors, looking for suitable pictures and also try to ensure that the warriors in MOD do not lose their functions from the original game. sorry for translate
  8. HERE COMES THE SUN - right here https://youtu.be/A8FAHWoZep0
  9. New arts i will upload soon...)) I need help. i want to send letter to Firefly studios =)
  10. do not be grateful to the truth ....))))))) we will continue to do mod. More precisely I =). Next will be black-and-white concepts of mercenaries, and then I'll lay out again all the warriors from the game, but already in color. Already ready for all button icons are the main shortcuts and even faxes, as well as menus where you hire soldiers and menus where you control the army. Well, a lot of small such work ....
  11. Do not mention it. )) generally... You can download the latest version either from the network or from our deceased site mod. But there is very very primitive and ugly. The fact that I'm showing it right now will be in the new version of the mod. By the way I want to share both old videos and a number of new videos ....
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