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  1. if i remember right there is even icon for ruined castle in game files for map editor.?
  2. There are some stuff that supposed to be in game but never got in like - Ruined Keep that we can rebuild, we even have it in freebuild campaign and one in Rescue hawk map (bigger one). - Custom color for troops i mean now we have only red. - in Sim campaign we could rule Sir willian , would be nice to have that feature to rule other kings in custom missions. am sure there is more stuff not used in final game so i hope they will add everything properly now.
  3. it was good contest and original, sadly it was bit sad to see the lack of people participant but still it was good idea and i congratulate the winners. I hope there will be mini contest for stronghold 2 steam release , would love to make some more maps in my favorite game sh2 :)?
  4. I mostly participate in sh2/legends challenges so i catching up slowly :D
  5. i haven't tested it well, i lost my catapults so siege was bit harder but i will try fix it later and upload it.
  6. hello, well i was kinda busy but i still did made map its not very good but still better than nothing. [MRT] Dark age.zip
  7. Well first of all there isn't enough staff here, second contest should have more entries like 20-30 to have more judging people. Sadly we don't have both ?
  8. Okay this is final version i think it best balance that i could make today, and i was very close to save lord?:D? [MRT] Nature.v1.2.2.zip
  9. Here is my map, took me whole evening to make it work. Player has 2 chooses he can just watch as lord dies or he can try and help him. I din't had enough time to test second possibility, but who knows it might be possible, just need find right tactic ;) [MRT] Nature.v1.2.zip [MRT] Nature.v1.2.1.zip
  10. Well am kinda stuck, for some reason i just can't make enemy invasion spawn, maybe its bug because i made ruins, nor sure. if i won't find solution can i make player army to kill Barclay? Edit: i think i solved this problem
  11. well you can make small edits in map, or just use ladder man or smth?
  12. so invasion must destroy his castle and player doesn't need do anything ? or can i add some player troops for story element??
  13. @Tokamaps, sure i just tough its wasn't any difference because both formats are opened by same program?
  14. Hello guys, i noticed there aren't many entries to this challenge as i din't expected that (but its not over yet) so i decided to make map, i started it today :D?was bit on rush cause have other works to do. so here is my first stronghold 1 map :D?? MRT-Faise.rar
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