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  1. Thanks for the promotion Lord Chris. I'm happy to help. I'll have more file submissions in the near future.
  2. I just uploaded the zip file. 59 scenarios and a few readmes. Most were hosted at CivCity Forums. 9 were from the Tom Nobles City Building Site. A few I got from a Youtuber. I spent about an hour making sure I didn't duplicate or exclude anything.😎 Quote: "I will also do what I can about tracking down the previous owners of the CivCity forums to ask about us restoring these files on Stronghold Nation. I think I actually managed this in the past, if I recall, but for some reason it didn't seem much point to it as I didn't have any files and I don't think they did either. Let me check again. " That would be fantastic!
  3. After taking a closer at the scenarios I have, they seem to be most of the scenarios that were once available at the old CivCity Forums. I looked at some pages on Internet Archive that had the CivCity Rome Forums Index of Data Content. Sadly, Internet Archive didn't archive the zip files. Here is the downloads data content: And the Internet Archive link: https://web.archive.org/web/20091006131403/http://www.civcityforums.com/data/content/ I unfortunately cannot remember where I downloaded them from, but I do know that I downloaded all that there were.
  4. Thanks for the welcome. I have a good number of scenarios by unknown authors that are no longer available anywhere online that I am aware of. I'll upload them in the near future to make them available once more in case anyone should want them. I've learned how to use the scenario editor(which is rather easy), and have created one scenario which I will upload sometime, and I will be making more as well.
  5. Hello all. I've been playing CivCity Rome for years and am trying to acquire more user made maps. I've found a good number from around the web, some of which seem no longer available to download. If anyone has any that they wish to send me or upload, I would greatly appreciate it.
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