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  1. h-uh that's interesting. Maybe it would fail to run even if i installed it succesfully then? it's the GamersGate version of the SH Collection so it's technically digital but the installer does seem to do securom activation
  2. oop sorry forgot to update here coz i posted in a few places - ended up sorting it out w reinstall couldn't try it w retail because i ran out of CD key installs and securom is taking forever to get back to me about resetting them
  3. i've re-downloaded my retail version and I'm gonna see if i get the same issue
  4. oop i counted the start files wrong it's mission 5, my bad I've tried restarting the game and retrying the mission a few times and no dice. in the first mission where you have use the carts they worked fine, i could get stone and wood to my own estate even in the same mission i can get food to my own estate and i see the granary in sir william's estate fill up, too, it's just the bar that is unaffected. when the bar hits zero the ui for it kind of messes up too and goes past the boundary. i don't really know how I would check that bug elsewhere in the game tbh... i guess if there's another mission with a timer and a resource bar that decreases, maybe?
  5. Hello - first time posting here but I've loved stronghold 2 from release till now. Started playing the steam edition and it looks likes in the economy mission 4 the cart transports don't affect the granary level at all? I've tried different food types but the bar doesn't increase at all after the cart arrives into the granary, no matter how many carts I send. I've verified the files and there's no issue, but I'm honestly not sure what to do beyond this point since it's such a weird bug. I never ran into this with the retail version. I appreciate any help, but I don't really expect much, thank you guys!
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