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  1. Hey Chris, Sorry for the late response, I just assumed at this point that this effort is basically dead. A real shame, but I wonder if SPY has made any progress on this. I am willing to help, if you want to try to work together on it. I am not big on C++ by any means, but maybe I can help get a starting point going. Also, as a side note, is it possible to fix the incorrect crests in skirmish that are displayed (for example, Olaf's flag is really the Hawk's)? Anyway, it might be better for you to reach out to Nick if you think he can provide any sort of guidance. I am basically dead in the water at this point, no updates at all. Is there anyone else on the admin team that could possible help take a look? Surely there are some people here with C++ skills 😃 I tried to hit Matthew back on Discord to get a more real-time update on progressing further with this, but not sure if he received those. Let me know!
  2. Hello all, Just wanted to check in and see if there was any progress on this topic or what the status is. Any new findings over the past year that could even possibly help with debunking this? Surely a simple color change isn't going to beat the modding community that easily ;)
  3. I am on my PC now and still cannot seem to figure out how to tag someone.? Also, for some reason it will not let me edit my previous replies either (from mobile)... Weird.? Looking forward to hearing some good news soon! :D
  4. EaglePrince most certainly not! I was just wanting to potentially streamline communication for some ?nitty-gritty? stuff as opposed to flooding out this forum post to try and keep it clean for primarily updates. Also to hopefully get some type of reply without having to wait a week haha. ?I was going to logon via PC when I get home today and edit my post to tag them officially so that they get notified. Hope all is well today :)
  5. Hi Spy, It has been a few weeks since any update had been given, has there been any progress on this? I am very glad to see that you are working on breaking down these maps and the game itself! I would definitely be interested as well to talk off the forum in Discord or wherever as I kind of have some questions to ask and we wouldn?t have to rely on a potential slow response time. Let me know if you are interested and thanks again for working on this! Lord Chris it is a pleasure to hear from you again as always! Hope all is well. I would be interested in connecting with you as well :) Am I not allowed to tag usernames on mobile?
  6. Hello All, Considering it has been some time, just was wondering if there was any new progress on this? Hope everyone has been well :)
  7. Hello?Lord_Chris?and?Charles of Tours, and thank you for all of your work and research on this!? Did Firefly Studios ever release the source code to the other SH games listed here?? Just was curious as to if that would ever be a possibility.?Charles of Tours?Have you been able to figure anything out with having some C++ knowledge?? Or has?Lord_Chris basically summed it up nicely here?? I personally have reached out via Twitter to Nick and discussed the possibility of this, so maybe I can ask about if they would ever release the source code? Just trying to figure out ways I can help out if possible.? Let me know if this seems to be our only option at this point. Thanks again, ImTheFrostbite
  8. Hello, This thread is mostly for Lord Chris, but anyone can feel free to contribute.? I know on a previous thread here that there were discussions about efforts into diving into the coding of how color selection is made in Stronghold 2 and that I believe Chris was going to look into that.? Does anyone have any kind of information on if this is even possible or if there have been an efforts directed towards this?? I would love to push this however I can and am willing to help learn how to find a solution if someone would like to work with me.? There has to be a way! Thanks for reading, ImTheFrostbite
  9. Wow, that is rather depressing to hear considering it is one of the best titles in the franchise..... Hopes and dreams shot down lol.? Thanks for all the help and info!
  10. Also, I forgot to add... I don't know why but for some reason on Stronghold 2 Steam Edition when I zoom in close enought on my knights they get shinier and their pony-tail things turn white...??? And I always wondered why Firefly made the crests not the original for each lord.. (For example, Olaf has the Hawk as his crest).? Was wondering if there were any comments on this as well. Thanks again!
  11. Hello Lord Chris, I have figured out how to use the map unlocker now, so we can disregard that aspect. With the map unlocker, I unlocked war chapter 8 to figure out how they made the player control Sir William's troops.? My findings discovered that there is just a command that says something like "Take WIlliams Troops" and thus it cannot be edited or changed.? I wanted to hopefully take advantage of this mechanic to be able to control the Hawk (since I like his lord and also his colour is my favorite).? It seems as though this is not possible however.? I started digging around to look at color change tutorials where I found one that involved making the player lose their estate by capture very quickly and somehow it changes your color.? This method is a great starter, but it is rather lengthy and must be repeated often for new maps.? Also, it makes the castle weird since an invisible AI will build your granary and stockpile for you, as well as your capture can technically?be captured. LOL. Then?I saw how someone (I believe you) discovered how to change the player's color in Stronghold Crusader using HEX edits.? Is there a way an effort can be made on this?? I essentially?want to play as the hawk (lord and colour wise) in whatever map I decide to map or play....? if possible. Again, the workaround method works, but it just kinda makes the map buggy and function weird as a result. No worries about responding late, I know that life gets in the way and things happen.? I just was wondering if this forum was dead haha.? Happy to see work can be done!? Feel free to reach out to me anytime :) - Frost
  12. Hey! Thank you! Also, I tried doing the SH2 Map Unlocker download and I have been having trouble getting it to work... I have the latest java JRE and just can't seem to get it to run.? I really just want to figure out how I can essentially?take control of another lord while mine is turned into an "AI" or "Friend" in-game.? It has to already exist if the campaign has used it.? The very first war mission you control your lord as well as Sir William too :P? I am super anxious!
  13. Hello, Within the map editor, I am trying to make a trigger where the player takes control of an AI player for a period of time (like in the military campaign, or when you take over Sir William?s estate to gain him honour while he is gone). Does anyone know how to do this? I saw something about controlling AI and it says enabled or disabled... but it seems to not do what I want it to do. Feel free to DM me or reply here! Thanks :)
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