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  1. ?Thanks for your praise, I admit I'm proud of my idea?:p Of course, I will send whole campaign when I will finish it (there are 6 missions total), I suppose it will be done within 3-4 days (this is mission 4).
  2. That's poor, but I was experimenting some with events and luckily I? found a bit uncommon, but enough satysfying solution :) 1. I placed enemy troops at the invasion start place and I blocked their way by ice walls (pink arrows below): 2. Then I set a command on all units to march to the points located in ally's base (marked by pink arrows below). They won't march until ice walls will be removed. 3. I set an event that removes the ice walls which can be delayed as my wish, so I can decide how much time I give to player until enemies will march - when the walls fall, troops begin march and finally kill our ally, ledaing to defeat. The description of the quest will say our ally was assaulted recently, so his castle is damaged and his mags created temporary ice walls, but they will melt soon. I think is enough reasonable :P This is a bit tricky, but It's a method to make a delay of the invasion which I wanted to do :) Thanks for your patience, I think this topic can be closed :)
  3. By the way, I want to ensure myself: What does the date button do? I was thinking it means the year period, for example: the game has begun in January, 842, so an event marked with date:1 button will occur in January, 843. Is it correct, ot not? Sorry, but the edit button disappears too fast so I can't edit my previous posts :/
  4. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately, it didn't solve my problem. I set the date button to 0, as you said and the delay button to 10. The result was: all enemies appeared on the map in 10th month from game begin and when the slowest units came to the marked position, the invasion began immediately. My goal in example above: all enemies are appearing at the beginning of the game to the marked position, they stay there and they begin invading enemy in 10th month. I hope you will understand what i mean. :) Is there any possibility to make it?
  5. Map link:?http://mega.nz/#!rWgHhB6L I can't find edit button anywhere :/ Decryption key if needed:?!f3jBBf954zss_liM_LP88ZmE6-88nuqmu_3tRC0KikE
  6. Thank you for the fast reaction. My game version: Stronghold Legends v1.3 Steam Edition My operating system (is this what you meant by system?): Windows 7 Ultimate x64 I'm creating all my maps from new and clear default maps in editor. My map file is uploaded below, if you could have a look of it. Red - our army, Lightblue: ally's army Purple- enemy invasion Dont suggest about bad description of quest, originally it is written in Polish and i just tried to translate it to make you understand something of it ;) Map: i'm not allowed to post links... i will send it on private message
  7. Hello I have got a problem with map making? - a script to my invasion map in Stronghold Legends. The main goal is to save our ally by killing all enemies who are going to invade his castle. But they are not invading immediately - they have to settle in some distance when the game begins (this is time to kill them) and after for example 2 years they are invading our ally (this is time when is too late to save our ally). It's the same as mission 4 from Stronghold 2 (Bull's army is waiting until invasion next to Sir Grey's castle). How to make the delayed invasion like in description? I was trying with delay settings (date and delay buttons), but it resulted only that the invasion has begun late, but immediately (we don't have chance to kill enemy troops because there aren't any earlier)... I'm not native English, so sorry for my mistakes and i hope you will understand my problem's description?;) EDIT: I don't know why this text is green and contains indexes... sorry
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