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  1. Yeah, Stronghold is kinda old, but the coding style is neat and straightforward (as far as I can tell). Still a 95% chance that bigger maps than 400x400 are not possible at all. As well as non-square maps. Anyway, I uploaded some (empty) maps for you to play with ;);) --> look in the next days at Download --> Stronghold 1 --> Freebuild. (You can convert them with [Alt] + [,] to any other Game Type). 0x0 (useless), 5x5, 8x8, 16x16, 17x17, ........... 350x350.? All 20 or so maps can be loaded without extern programmes :). Here's one unskilled example for a 32x32 map: Have fun with them and PM me if you want special sizes :cool: Edit: And I attached them here, too. NewSmallMapsForDesigners.zip 32x32_Idyll.map
  2. Hm, bigger maps... All I got are smaller maps. But these are kinda cute ;):cool: Bigger maps result in grafic bugs: -- and a lot of crashes :/. It seemed to be really deeply hardcoded, so >400x400 will probably not be possible at all. I'm sorry. #offtopic: My original post got cleared cause of directly copied pictures and a time-out. Luckily for all I saved it in a LibreOffice sheet. However, it still was cleared after fixing the images, cause the emotes (a lot of them in my original post) were transformed to images in LibreOffice. That really confused me. GBM mod...?
  3. Sry for my posting issues. If you copy a text containing pictures -- including converted emoticons -- the post will get cleared without any feedback :(. That hold me back. I do not play vs Humans -- I like scrutinizing the KI more. That holds for graphics, too. I'd rather write a better editor or mess around, instead of creating a map for endless hours. Sry. How many campains/missions did you managed with 0% troops lost? :cool: I know the no-walking bug is applicable to Crusader ox tethers (and pretty much only them). However, it works kinda meh due to the delay of the ox. You may loose a lot of stone in the end. The same holds for Stronghold I Ox Tethers. Anyway, what do you think about hacking? Yesterday, I managed to change the gamespeed -- extending the 10-90 range to 1 (~frame by frame) to 10000+ (loose/win a siege in matter of seconds). However, after some messing around, I got drowsy af. The performance of Stronghold is pretty impressive though. Found a new website bug. If you edit your post only by adding next-column, the website is throwing an "unknown error": Edit: nvm (never mind), not replicable. Got it once though after adding the three blank columns in the post above. Strange.
  4. 3. Hacking/Cheating Well, Stronghold is kinda old, so it is possible to do some fancy stuff: Give you 1 million gold or more (very easy) Change the troop bonus freely. From oneshotting to nearly-no-dmg (-95%) to healing enemies (<-100%) many more Most fancy: AUTO-HEALING: All units (or only the own//the enemy units!) are constantly healed until they reach max. health.Isn't that what you always dreamed of...? If you're interested I can give you details, or I create an Youtube Tutorial. Still, real live awaits me, so convince me to spend more time on this ;) GL/HF (Have a good time)
  5. 2: Exploitable bugs 2.1 No-walking bug Build a square with walls (diameter 10 to begin with) Place a -- lets say -- Fletcher inside. --> no worker can go there for now. Open the wall at one point Wait till the fletcher goes through the hole in the wall Close the wall BEVORE THE FLETCHER REACHED HIS HOUSE! --> He will mysteriously catch wood and start to work --> congratulation? WARNING: This does not work for farms . But for pretty much everything else? 2.2 Multiple-Worker-Bug Place a building -- lets say a wheat farm wait till the worker goes there Select the building Pause the game Press work-ulting/sleeping/zzz/whatever twice --> Another worker will come Repeat this 4ever (again and again) --> congratulation WARNING: This does pretty much only work well for farms -- try orchards Using this bug, too, I accomplished the economy missions with 39|83|109|113|100 months left. 2.3 Overstrain the KI In some missions, like the mountain pass, you can overstrain the KI by building some wall-air-wall iterations in the path. It does not need much in this missions, and the pig's troops are just standing still. Or enclose your keep directly with walls, and build your economy far away (delete the stockpile, build it somewhere else again). --> The troops will only destroy some buildings (Marketplace, etc.) you can rebuild, but may not attack properly. This is kinda dump though, so I did not use it.
  6. 1: Records; Everything at "Very hard" obviously I was able to win every single Siege Mission in defense and attack mode with 0% troops lost? .? You? And every single Military Campain mission with 0% troops lost? ?????? (except this damn, time-limited mission 15: first time siege Pig castle .)? And every single Invasion with 0% troops lost, too?? .??????????????????????? (I removed the pre-last-invasion time limit of "Player generated map - Talsperre") The economy campains one to five: 25|65|75|42|73 months left The economy missions: All won ofc (of course). Das Wolfsrudel: 0 months left (uh-o ); The Forest: 62; A request from the king: 21. Hexenkessel: 1. Kuestenschloss: 0.? For the Invasions and the economy -- not the military campain -- I used the no-walking-bug stated below. But not the multiple-worker-bug. And everything without using hacks/cheats of course! I want to point out these missions seperatedly: Invasion: Player generated map -- Inselkrieg???????? (Island war...?) Invasion: Player generated map -- Weide Siege:????? Player generated map -- Burg in Brand?? (Castle on fire...?) They are pretty taff, but possible -- 0% troop losses is a nice challenge there? Did you ever managed this? Or tried...? I'm very interested in your comments
  7. Hi Stronghold Fans, I'm a lonely player who got older and want to share his achievements. 3 under-Topics: Records for all missions/invasions/sieges Exploitable Bugs Hm, lets cheat...?
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