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  1. Lord_ChrisI've: Thanks for your answer now I have it clear, I thought I could solve the closest zoom with some changes but I see that we can not do it, thanks for everything ...
  2. Thanks for your answer, I have the stronghold Legends Steam v1.3, hopefully if anyone has got it, because it would be very interesting to see the units with the more zoom I think there may be a possible solution by modifying this Folder meshes file Units.lodsettings.xml
  3. Thanks for the answer, see if we find any solution to the greater Zoom to see the units closely, (same as the Stronghold 2 DeLUXE v1.4.1 that you see very closely). I have been looking for several days on the internet but I can not find the solution to improve this, even though they are very similar Stronghold 2 DeLUXE and Stronghold Legends. We will wait to see if someone to find the solution to this, thanks for everything.
  4. Question for everyone: Can you add more zoom in the game (same stronghold 2 deluxe?, to see the large units with more zoom in the game, changing ?us some parameters or edit file game.
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