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  1. You?re correct. I did not want to bring it up but the info was asked for. I payed for the disc at least. Doesn?t it count?
  2. I bought it as a disc but it was clearly pirated and unoriginal. I updated to 1.4.1 myself, it was 1.0 at first.
  3. I use the disc version I believe. I?m after some one with another carrier but getting to them is hard. All of a sudden people have gone crazy busy.?
  4. I do have stronghold crusader and stronghold 1... so no, I?m not a disgrace. And I?m pretty sure I get the whole 20Mb/s when I?m using the internet, but when gaming, I?m not sure that speed is being put to good use
  5. I don?t know if my mobile provider allows for port forwarding but I?m pretty sure I set the ports right(maybe I set the wrong IP). The game is not the issue as I have tried with other games such as Call of Duty and got the same result and I get 20Mb/s speed which I think is good enough I?m pretty sure it?ll work with an LTE modem, because my friend uses an LTE modem to play with me. Maybe I should try a different carrier rather than a different phone first, since I don?t have any extra phones laying around.
  6. Not only I?m not playing it with others locally but also I?m trying to play stronghold 2 and Legends. I?m using my phone as a hotspot.
  7. I did as you asked and as I?ve done this many times I wasn?t surprised to see it not working. You said it worked for you on GameRanger. Were you able to play with othet players? Didn?t you get the symmetric NAT Router message? Because whenever I get this message it simply means I can?t play with others, or very few of them at best.
  8. Currently, I?m using GameRanger, since steam does not operate in my country.? I?ve used two laptops. One that has stronghold on and the other is the one that is connected to the mobile hotspot. I share the mobile hotspot connection by setting up a LAN cable between the internet sharing laptop and the game laptop. I do this because it allows me to setup ports and protocols which the mobile hotspot alone can?t do. This has never worked. Not for stronghold, not for call of duty or anything else. But I?ve seen people doing this, and it works for them. I tried to be clear as possible about my setup. If there?s anything else you need to know, tell me.
  9. I?ve been digging around for a while now and I?ve read that you can actually play online games with no problem on mobile hotsopt if you use a third windows device to connect the mobile hotspot to and then running a LAN cable to the game device. I?ve did this and had no luck.? Any sort of help is really appreciated.
  10. What about firewall settings or routings in the router? Is there nothing that could possibly be blocking the connection?
  11. I simply don?t understand what you are talking about.
  12. ?So about a month ago I posted a topic about stronghold 2 crashing in the middle of multiplayer game and so, me and my friends suddenly got interested in stronghold legends. Even though we played it multiple times, we never got to finish it. It either crashes to the main menu or it crashes to the desktop displaying a message that the game has stopped working. As steam doesn?t function as it should in Iran, we were left with no choice but to keep playing the game via Gameranger. If there?s anything about port forwarding for gameranger or firewall issue?s with it please let me know. Thanks.
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