US PGM-11 ''Redstone'' SR Ballistic Missile

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

''Redstone'' Missiles were The US first successfully deployed short ranged ballistic Missiles, first fielded in 1958. These were the also the first NATO deployed Nuclear capable devices in Europe to counter a possible Soviet Russian ''first strike''. A direct descendant of captured Nazi German Missile technology relating to the infamous V-2, ''Redstone'' Missiles was The Chrysler Corporation first venture into Atomic weapons design. (128) Missiles were constructed for deployment.


Weighing over 60,000-pounds with a 6-foot diameter, ''Redstone'' Missiles were 70-feet long and could deliver a Nuclear Warhead of 3.5-MT. Liquid propulsion featured a mixture of Ethyl Alcohol, Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide. 80,000-pounds of thrust could be achieved. Short ranged, The Missile could range close to 60-miles and could achieve 60-miles in altitude. As such, these weapons were deployed close to Soviet proposed assets. The ''Redstone'' Defensive System remained in force until 1964 before being replaced.


It was a ''Redstone'' Missile that was repurposed to launch Australia's first viable Satellite in 1967.