German Arado Ar-240 Heavy Fighter

  • World War II
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Envisioned by The German Luftwaffe as a principle Heavy Fighter, The Arado Ar-240 was also seen as protection against Allied Bombing Squadrons over Germany during World War II. Although (14) were eventually produced, only (5) saw service on The Russian Front (1942). Poor handling and other issued saw no further Ar-240s built or re-designed.


Crewed by (20, The Ar-230 was 42-feet long with a wingspan of 43-feet. They were powered by Twin Daimler-Benz V-12 Engines, capable of 1,175-HP each. Operational Ceilings were rated to 10.500-feet with a Mission range of 1,200-miles. Armament included (4) 7.92mm Machine Guns (electrically fired) and the ability to deploy 1,800-pounds of Munitions. None survived The War.