• Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

The term ''Flyting'' is thought to be related to Norse Culture and is dated to 1200 AD. The ''ritual'' was held in Longhouse (Communal gathering locations), and involved only those who were ''seen'' as ''great Warriors or Heroes''. After a suitable period of drinking Mead (or related), the two most favored Warriors would sit across from each other, and proceed to verbally insult each other. No topic was seen as ''off limits'', with great emphasis given to sexual abilities (or lack of) – as perceived by One's ''Opponent''. The goal was to cause the other to become so thoroughly lacking in response (again possibly from excessive drinking) – that they either yielded or simply ''passed out'' (again giving One's Opponent the ''win''). The practice would continue until the firm establishment of Christianity – but some examples of Flyting can be found in Germany and England among ''Lesser Nobility'' (with the ''game'' played with similar rules).