British Enfield Model 1853 .58 Caliber Rifle

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

Perhaps one of the more popular British ''Rifled Muskets'' produced, The 1853 Enfield was the standard issued Rifle to The British Army, and would remain so until 1867. The weapon became so popular as an export to other Nations, that it's manufacturers continued production until 1889 (despite the total saturation of Brass Cartridges). As one of England's ''first'' Rifled longarms, The Enfield quickly allowed the average soldier to increase his effectiveness in combat. Longer and more accurate effective ranges by firearms not only increased chances of ''direct hits'', but allowed soldiers to maintain protective ''cover'' from greater distances. This was seen by some as a ''game changer'' of sorts to mid-19th Century military tactics.


Over 1.5 Million 1853 Enfields were produced during their production run. This made it one of the most exported firearms of Great Britain until the mid-20th Century. The Enfield weighed 9.5-pounds in weight and fired the then standard .577 (.58 Caliber)conical leaded shot known as The Minie. It's effective maximum range was over 1,200 yards. The Model 1853 was also a popular export to The United States, (rivaling The Springfield Rifle Series) - with The American Army trying to incorporate it into it's own inventory. Many of these would end up with local State and Federal Militia Armories – which in turn would find their way into The Confederate Army during The American Civil War of 1861.