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    • Profile Statistic (Dat File)

      Recently I managed to obtain all Stronghold Legends trophies. The most annoying one for me was, without a doubt, the "10 days in-game" award. I tried to poke around the dat file for my game profile but couldn't figure it out, so instead I just left the game on overnight and while at work for a few weeks. Feels great to finally have all the awards, but I still want to figure out the dat file. Since in-game time is the one thing I really wanted to work out, I have decided to start there. My e

      in Stronghold Legends

    • Problem in Uploading Download File

      Im done working on stronghold crusader night mod and its ready for upload now but 4 days ago I tried to upload it to the downloads hub I gave all the info and tap on upkosd buttom it showed a loading icon in the screen I  thinked: maybe because it wad 62mb sized its uploading now but one hour later it was still in that loading screen why? Pls help me I worked really hard on the mod I want it to? Be released with no problems

      in Site Questions and Support

    • Modding With Any Image File

      Can I file with any image file that I want to use on Stronghold 2? I want to know what to do step by step to make the armoAle to save it correctly. When I use the alpha channels nothing seems to work.

      in Stronghold 2

    • Unable to submit file

      Hello,you can help me? I can't upload my custom map here.I'm try; winrar winzip 7zip   But when i try upload coming this error message; ''you are only allowed to upload zip archive''

      in Site Questions and Support

    • File Download are: Edit files

      Hey, I uploaded 3 Maps for Stronghold Crusader 2. I just made screenshots showing the map layout and wanted to add this to each map. I clicked on "My Files" and then at the map "Update". I recieve "404 Page Not Found" while I do so (Sorry, the page you were looking for has not been found.Our site has encountered a problem whilst trying to publish this resource.).   Is there any way a user can edit infos to a map he uploaded?

      in Site Questions and Support

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