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Hey guys! I've been pretty busy lately, there's tone of work, but I am catching up! Two days ago I decided to finally have a drive to Bač (Hungarians would spell it Bács, Germans Batsch, and in English it's pronounced [ bâːtʃ ]), where I visited the Bač Fortress. That's the best preserved medieval fortress we could see in Vojvodina, the northern province of Serbia, where I live. It was built in 14th century, but sadly, it has been in ruins since Rákóczi's rebellion (when Hungarians against the Habsburgs). Though I have to admit, I don't know of any other fortress in Vojvodina.🙄 I would have to look more into that, and see what other strongholds I could visit. Other than that, there are many other better preserved strongholds in the rest of Serbia!

Here are the photos I made there.

On one of the photos you can see my car through the ruins.😄

How are you guys doing?

52665101121_0631041a0f_z.jpg 52665537500_729fc274b3_z.jpg 52665100766_279e26499f_z.jpg 52665100651_e4f76d3676_z.jpg 52665393114_86ab79839d_z.jpg 52665600843_c2682aa13d_z.jpg 52665600753_635f6cd156_z.jpg


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