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    • "Incorrect cross site request forgery token"

      Anyone else getting these errors lately? "Incorrect cross request forgery token".

      in Site Questions and Support

    • how to access source code for stronghold crusader and their mods

      I am a great fan of the stronghold series and programmer with knowledge in c c++ and java.i would like to make mods of my own for stronghold and also would like to contribute to the already existing mods in any way possible But i don't know how/where to access the source codes for stronghold,stronghold crusader,stronghold europe mod and stronghold medival mod.I learnt from eagleprince that contacting the admins here like lordchris cybercorpse would solve my problem.so i am posting it here.thank

      in Stronghold Crusader & Crusader Extreme

    • Product code for Freedom Fighters DLC mini-campaign

      Hey, guys! I have received an email from Firefly, they gave me a Steam product code for Freedom Fighters DLC mini-campaign as their newsletter subscriber, but I already have it, so I decided to share it with one of you.   This is the code: 7WJXX-PCAFW-P57Y0 To claim this DLC in Steam client click on "+ ADD A GAME", and then chose "Activate a Product on Steam".   PS. If this is by any mean violating of any rules, moderators, please do remove the code and/or the entire post. In that case I apologi

      in Stronghold Crusader 2

    • How do you edit your websites source code for google analytics?

      So I have this website for about a month and I want to put a tracking code in the source code of the pages on my website. The problem is I don't know how to edit the damn source code. Google analytics says I have to copy and paste the following snippet in the source code of the page that I want to track;     Ok fine but how the f*** do I edit the code? I have been searching on google how to do this on google chrome but I still have't found a way. I stopped before throwing my laptop on the wa

      in Computer Support

    • Benefits of a dual graphics card?

      So today I ordered my first PC (I've stuck to laptops my whole life) it's a nice rig. AMD Processor with a turbo boost of 4.1GHz, 8GB of RAM and a single Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card all for just ?500 (including the rest of the components of course, not including any monitor).   But along my adventures of searching for a PC, I decided to take a look at the very high priced PC's, not with any intention of purchasing them, but just to see what they came with (because I'm a little nerdy like that)

      in Computer Support

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