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Product code for Freedom Fighters DLC mini-campaign

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Hey, guys! I have received an email from Firefly, they gave me a Steam product code for Freedom Fighters DLC mini-campaign as their newsletter subscriber, but I already have it, so I decided to share it with one of you.


This is the code: 7WJXX-PCAFW-P57Y0

To claim this DLC in Steam client click on "+ ADD A GAME", and then chose "Activate a Product on Steam".


PS. If this is by any mean violating of any rules, moderators, please do remove the code and/or the entire post. In that case I apologize. By I think this is completely fine. :)


IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only a code for DLC, so if you don't have the base game, there may be no point in using this code. In that case, please leave it to somebody who doesn't have this Stronghold Crusader 2 DLC.


ADDITION: If you get the code, please let us know in this thread that the code has been used.

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