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    • Multiplayer Game Stronghold 3

      Hello everyone, I would like to start here a new topic about playing a Stronghold 3 multiplayer game. I very much like this game, and try to contact people through Steam, and now currently here as well. Please let me know here, or on Steam. My name on Steam is Hollokiraly. Best regards. 

      in Stronghold 3

    • Stronghold 2 Move Lord Isn't Working

      move lord is a action in stronghold 2 level editor that makes lord of a castle move to a selected location i used it in my custom war in my custom war sir grey is trapped in the hawk's castle and you must kill hawk and rescue him after you rescued him his supposed to move and go to the peasent's campfire of the king's castle but his not moving at all his standing there and looking at nothing why??? please help me

      in Stronghold 2

    • Astronomy Articles Index

      Astronomy Index, Page #1 1.     The Universe, Galaxies and Nebulae 2.     Months, Tears and Seasons 3.     The Formation of Earth and The Origins of Life 4.     The Formation of The Moon 5.     Venus, Our Sister Planet 6.     Caesar's Comet 7.     Hypernova 8.     Kirch's Comet 9.     Haumea

      in The Open Castle Inn

    • Greatest Lord

      I have problem that when double click on my troops greatest lord (when push C) page show on my screen. why this happen and help because it is interrupting

      in Stronghold Crusader 2

    • Economic Game: Calanais

      Hey folks, I've just completed the stand-alone economic mission, Calanais! It's something of a grind - you cannot grow or buy food apart from hops and ale, and there are no trees. You are constantly assailed by bandits. Your only economic recourse is to sell stone, keep your peasants drunk and religious, and tax them. The aim is to gain (and maintain for a period) a large population (118 at normal difficulty). The early stages of the game in particular are tricky. The bandits will

      in Stronghold 1

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