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Stronghold 2, Thursday, March 3, 2016.

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So, for now I believe the three of us are sure up for this game, but hopefully there will be others who will also be willing to join the fight. :)


March 3, 2016; 19:00 (Central European timezone, Belgrade, Berlin)

  • Game: Stronghold 2
  • Version: 1.4.1
  • Map: The Chokepoint Island by Tokamaps, or Dolina Odmetnika by EaglePrince, or another one.
  • Known participants:

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Nigel didn't make it, he dealt to do another thing this evening. Tokamaps, one his friend, and I played a game. We played 1v2, as we agreed that it is most likely that teams like that to be even.


We played his map The Chokepoint Island, I was in south-west, Tokamaps was in north-east, and his friend was in north-west. We played with 2 years no rush.


The first fights began when he got close to me. He took the island estate with stone, while at the same moment I took the estate north of my castle. I decided to attack capture the island when I saw he had only some archers and light cavalry there, while I had only archers, in overall I had more troops. I managed to defeat his troops there, and the island was mine. I set the defenses, and later I was he also holds the next estate - in the middle of the map. He had prepared stone structures there to send crossbowmen there. As soon as my pikemen and one or several swordsmen arrived on the island I went to take that estate too. I built stone buildings there to defend the village, and later I saw that he had the last remaining village as well, so I took that one too - it was far from him and harder to defend.


Next we were mostly fighting in front of his castle estate. There were some interesting skirmishes, and Tokamaps had some interesting ideas how to deal with my catapults, and how to mess up with us - in general. For example, he was using spies to sneak into our territories to destroy buildings or to destroy our trebuchets. Later when I learned what he does I had knights which were ready to act.


After some time me and my ally were struggling to break down his defenses, we needed a lot of patience for that, and after some time we finally managed to destroy his towers and to break his walls, and to enter in with our knights, and to take down his lord.


He was a great enemy in this war, and I must say that what effected the cause of the war the most was me having large castle estate in which I was able to build one iron mine, and that first battle in which I defeated his troops on the island. If that went differently the war would be harder to win, or maybe it would have been his victory.



Also, now when I know the map better, I like it even more - it's not just that interesting landscape but it is interesting resource placement as well - one stone village, one village with marches, and several villages have iron, while none of the village can have more than one iron mine. The map is awesome. :)

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My Problem Do was that i didnt got my usually economy Up which would include church and stuff + beer and stuff.


The estate in the mountains is quite uneconomically.


Two estates can have more than One Iron Mine.

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Well, I guess I will have to take a better look at the map. :D I will try a skirmish from north-east position against computer to see what it is like, and I will search the map a little bit more. :)


Oh, and really nice idea to send those guys with boats into the sea, if I wasn't fighting in front of your castle I could have not noticed them, and maybe you would be able to kill my lord. :D

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Sounds like a great game :)


Unfortunately I had already made other committments for this evening.

But I am sure that there will be another opportunity in the future.

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