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    • Sh2 Steam Edition - Economy Mission 4 Broken?

      Hello - first time posting here but I've loved stronghold 2 from release till now.  Started playing the steam edition and it looks likes in the economy mission 4 the cart transports don't affect the granary level at all? I've tried different food types but the bar doesn't increase at all after the cart arrives into the granary, no matter how many carts I send. I've verified the files and there's no issue, but I'm honestly not sure what to do beyond this point since it's such a weird

      in Stronghold 2

    • LINK: All mission and trail saved games

      @Floki has very kindly uploaded all these saved games to our downloads section!   You can find these all in a single download here: http://www.stronghold-nation.com/downloads/file/412-ultimate-bundle/

      in Stronghold Legends

    • Any tutorials on making scenarios for SHC2 map editor?

      Hello guys, i've only been playing this game for the last two months and recently I started using the map editor. I made a few maps for custom skirmishes, but now i wish to make mission maps just like the lionhearts' 3rd mission on learning campaign. A guide on scenario editing would be really helpful.   Thanks

      in Stronghold Crusader 2

    • Challenge: A Deterrent - Economics campaign, mission 4

      Hey, guys, as I have been playing Stronghold 1 recently - I won all military missions, and almost all economic missions, I came to this one. It is called A Deterrent, and if you want a challenge, this might be the right one for you. It's mission 4 in Economics campaign.   Here are missions objectives:     You cannot build the marketplace, so that makes the whole mission really interesting; especially if we consider that there are many events that will make you your mission harder. Those invasio

      in Stronghold 1

    • My First Christmas

      This is my first Christmas here since joining SHN and I have to say my time here so far has been amazing. I've met a load of new people since joining, all of which have been friendly, helpful and polite. It's been great to share my love of the Stronghold franchise with people who like it just as much as me without being judged or laughed at. I have been annoying at times (PM's specifically) but everyone has given me the benefit of doubt and forgotten about all that.   I'd especially like to tha

      in The Open Castle Inn

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