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    • Code for Research Pack, Premium Token and 200 Card Points!

      Hey, guys! I have received an email from Firefly, they gave me a code for Research Pack, Premium Token and 200 Card Points as their newsletter subscriber, but I don't play Stronghold Kingdoms, so I decided to share it with one of you.   This is the code: 4A95-C099-33A0-EF4F To claim this code, simply log into Stronghold Kingdoms and redeem your code under 'Account Details'.   PS. If this is by any mean violating of any rules, moderators, please do remove the code and/or the entire post. In that

      in Stronghold Kingdoms

    • Intel HD graphics?

      Hi, my girlfriend wants to buy a new laptop, and now I'm trying to help her with the choice... Unfortunately I shall need your help. :D   In graphics it only says Intel HD graphics, and I assume this is something like integrated graphics - only this is into into motherboard but into CPU if I am correct. This is the processor this laptop has. Can you tell how good this graphics is? Maybe give me some comparison to some "normal" GPU? :)   Thanks in advance. :)

      in Computer Support

    • AMD 7730m Graphics Glitch - Reign of Kings

      I just bought Reign of Kings a new game, still in alpha and of course, I expected it to have some bugs. Sadly, I haven't managed to encounter any as I have a super annoying graphics glitch. I usually wouldn't come here for help for a game not related to stronghold, but since the steam community is about as useful as "Clippy" - the Microsoft word paperclip helper, I've come here.   Using the my Intel HD Graphics I get no problem. But the FPS drop is huge. As soon as I swap cards to the dedicated

      in Computer Support

    • Account Benefits

      There are many benefits of becoming a member at StrongholdNation. Below, I'm going to point out some great things you can get by registering.   Firstly, there is nothing hidden at all, and registration is completely free. We are not in it for money, and everything is completely free. Nothing will be sold. Your details will not be sold or given to any third parties under any circumstance. Once registered, you will also get the chance to personalise the website for you. Examples are below. You

      in The Town Crier

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