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Stronghold 1; May 3, 2015

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May 3, 2015; 19:00 (Central European timezone, Novi Sad, Serbia)

(20:00, Moscow; 18:00, London; 10:00, Vancouver/San Francisco; 13:00 New York)

  • Game: Stronghold 1
  • Version: 1.3, HD
  • Known participants:

  1. @EaglePrince
  2. @LordBanshee

We were planning to play The Round Table V map by Lord Banshee.


Edited by EaglePrince

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So I just came back to say that the two of us played our game. First we tested his map The Round Table V which shall be edited a little after our game. For that reason I shall remove the link above, and the map will be downloadable as soon as Lord Banshee edits it.


We also played Infinity Island map 1v1 which was pretty interesting. This time we called it even, although Lord Banshee was more successful in this war. I was the first one who tried to attack, but after that attack he drove me away, after what I lost control over my iron mines. He also besieged my castle, but I managed to survive his attacks. After I was out of iron, I decided to produce spears instead of pikes, which showed to be pretty useful in later fights. One more thing I should tell is that today we fought without throwing cows.

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Playing without throwing cows was more interesting, becuase cows are too powerfull weapon and can destroy your half of your army.

EaglePrince built castle with 4 mangonels and they are crushed my siege equipment so fast. More usefull was a siege towers and ram, but I hadn`t big army and they dies before my siege towers and ram was crushed =) And siege towers not wanted to throw the bridge on his walls and it lost my time. I would think how to change balance on this map (Infinity Island). If someone wanting to see the map, I can upload to him and l listen his proposal about this map.


And, EaglePrince, I can play today if you want.

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I agree, although we could allow throwing cows into the castle walls, but we don't have to. It is indeed more interesting like this, then having cows thrown all over the map. :)


Regarding the siege towers, I do know about that issue, but I didn't want to tell you while we were fighting. :) You need to send few more troops in front of the siege towers, so they could bring down any buildings near the wall, otherwise siege towers won't attack to the walls. I was expecting your knights to do the job, and so I was waiting for you on my walls and with pikemen and spearmen. :)


I have found out about this playing Crusader skirmish maps, as I also like attacking with siege towers, and those allow you to put down the opponent with troops and less effort. When I was attacking Saladin one time same happened to me, and then I realized I need to destroy the buildings, although those were houses, not farms, so it was easier to conclude. Later I saw that same apply to farms neat castle walls. Btw, I think that you are able to attach the tower to a gatehouse as well. :)

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Well, you are right, in cases when the wall has too many edges I think... Then the siege tower needs to be attached to a straight wall segment. But when the wall is straight like it was the case with mine - my castle was rectangular, siege tower should easy attach to wall when all buildings are clear. Anyway, even if it is possible to attach siege tower when there is a building nearby, I can say for sure that you will more easily attach it when those building are destroyed. :)

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