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    • Missing Character/Building Animation and Floating Characters Glitch

      Hello everyone, I'm building a massive and detailed map and everything was going fine. Then on my last map test I noticed that characters were floating, and in-building animations were also missing. The carters post horse and wagon move as normal but everything else is affected. I'm not sure exactly when it happened. I have a rough idea because I added a decent amount of smoke, steam and bubbling effects in a swamp section. Afterwards I added a lot of grass and bog plants from the 3rd sc

      in Stronghold 2

    • Intel HD graphics?

      Hi, my girlfriend wants to buy a new laptop, and now I'm trying to help her with the choice... Unfortunately I shall need your help. :D   In graphics it only says Intel HD graphics, and I assume this is something like integrated graphics - only this is into into motherboard but into CPU if I am correct. This is the processor this laptop has. Can you tell how good this graphics is? Maybe give me some comparison to some "normal" GPU? :)   Thanks in advance. :)

      in Computer Support

    • Benefits of a dual graphics card?

      So today I ordered my first PC (I've stuck to laptops my whole life) it's a nice rig. AMD Processor with a turbo boost of 4.1GHz, 8GB of RAM and a single Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card all for just ?500 (including the rest of the components of course, not including any monitor).   But along my adventures of searching for a PC, I decided to take a look at the very high priced PC's, not with any intention of purchasing them, but just to see what they came with (because I'm a little nerdy like that)

      in Computer Support

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