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Windows 8 & 8.1 Tips

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    • Error 0xc0000022 while starting Stronghold Crusader on Windows 10

      Hey, guys! First of all, this is not a question, this is a solution. I believe this will be useful for many people.   I have installed Steam version of Stronghold Crusader on my new laptop which runs Windows 10. When I tried to start the game, it just wouldn't work. No error, no nothing. When I tried to run Stronghold Crusader from the Steam folder: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stronghold Crusader Extreme then I got the error code 0xc0000022. I tried with changing compatibility

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      Hey, guys! I do realize I could have made this tread in Computer Support section, though I don't need support actually, so I assume this would be the right place. If not, Chris is going to move the tread, and I apologize in that case. :)   I meant to ask what are your experiences with Windows 10 and playing Stronghold games on it? I don't mean to start a tread about Windows 10 in general, though I have nothing against that of course, but this thing is the most important to me at the moment. Spea

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    • Stronghold 2 incompatible with Windows 8/8.1 Fix

      More and more users lately have been getting this error, especially on Windows 8/8.1. Rest assured however, that I feel I have finally found some kind of proper fix for this error. It only appears to occur on disk versions of the game.   There are two potential methods I am posting, the first is less drastic, and I recommend you start from here- though there is less chance of it working. The second, is the way in which I have fixed this error (at least for now) for myself.   The cause of this pr

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    • Tips on Keeping your PC in "Tip Top" Condition

      1. Download files from trusted sources only!   This may seem rather obvious, but when it comes to more "rare" files shall we say, people tend to ignore the risks of what comes with such files and will happily download from any random website that appears to have what they need. The number one reason computers become infected with malware/spyware etc, is from downloading files from non-trusted/verified websites.   You can check the reliability of a website by simply typing - *website name* is it

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    • Windows 10 Technical Preview

      Anyone else here try the Windows 10 technical preview yet? I've been running it on my laptop for the last few months now and am really liking it. MS brought back the start menu for the desktop which was one of the biggest grips users had about Windows 8. Microsoft is offering Windows 10 upgrade for free to users of Windows Vista and 7 once it's released, you can also get the technical preview now from Microsoft free of charge. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/preview-download

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