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    • Technology Today and Yesterday(s)

      This thread is hopefully something I'll be updating every 2 days. Similar to the History Thread made by Crusader (which is a brilliant thread) this will be the same thing but with technology. I'll be sharing news and facts on newer technology and older technology. I am sure no one here is na?ve and is aware that technology is a very broad term, it covers a lot of different things so be sure to expect a number of different topics. Feel free also to add anything you find interesting about these po

      in The Open Castle Inn

    • Future Updates - message from FireFly

      I hope I am not stepping out of line by posting this, Chris. But this is a communication I saw from FireFly, posted on Steam :         I thought is was worth sharing with you, guys. Chris, feel free to move this wherever you see fit.

      in Stronghold Crusader 2

    • Future of StrongholdNation

      Today marks a milestone in the creation of our website; we have finally finished with the creation of our site home, here. This marks a huge achievement because we can finally (after long and careful time spent) finally focus on creating articles, downloads and other features of this site - so you are able to actually enjoy it :) We have also finished other areas of our site, our download central being one of the most prominent ones.   After taking four/five full months to create it, we can fin

      in The Town Crier

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