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Duc Vautour

Best looking AI castle

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There are 16 AI in Stronghold Crusader. Each, has a different 8 castle design variant. Of all those AI's castle, which one or who do you think has the most beautiful/good looking castle design. We're going to ignore their defense etc. Judging based only by pure looks


Well, let me get this started. Here is my top 5 AI castle design


Honorable mention : Richard The Lionheart

Richard's castle is in my opinion, although simple, but has a good looks. His square castle with 4 big towers ressembles a very typical castle. He definetly adopted a "less is more" motto :)

Here is my favourite Richard's castle based on pure looks


Lionheart 8



5The Sheriff

According to his wiki page, "His castle design greatly reflects the style of medieval castles in England (where he is from), where a castle was often attached to a small walled town, which contained housing and the service/industrial buildings that could not fit into the castle."


Well, that says everything about his design. Thats why he was get a number 4 on my list :)

Here is my favourite Sheriff castle


Sheriff 3



4.The Caliph

This cruel ruler castle altough small, but has the one of the best looking castle on my opinion. His rectangular shaped keep and lots of look out towers are looks a lot like a castle from Arabian Nights. He puts his bad things inside his little town really suitable for his cruel personality

Here is my favourite Caliph castle


Caliph 6



3.The Emir

This kind hearted and friendly yet dangerous person castle altough has a same shape in each variant, has a good design. According to his wiki page, "The Emir constructs medium to large-sized octagonal castles that are well defended, good things are available to cover the entire population. Many buildings are left outside, but the whole city is situated inside. Fortifications consist of walls, Lookout Towers and Round Towers"

Well everytime i saw his castle in crusader, i always thought of desert place. His already well designed castle looks even better with his neat placement of good things :)


Here is my favourite Emir castle

Emir 6 :


Well, its kinda hard to decide for the second and first place. Because both ai has a tottally different design for each variant. It was almost tie actually. But i decide to gave the second place to the one who has a very complex castle yet heavily fortified castle but laking the good looks. And the second place goes to...


2.The Wazir

Well, Wazir first few castle design...looks really weird imo. But his few last castle design...It was such a cool castles. "According to his wiki page "Star-shaped and big-sized, yet well-defended castles are the Wazir's trademarks. Each castle has a varying number of points, where two lookout towers and a round tower is present with Arab bowmen and fire throwers. The interior is filled with the most important buildings, sometimes a huge number of hovels and bakeries are placed outside, which are protected by large pools of pitch. Fire ballistae are deployed in various spots, but the Wazir, like the Nizar and the Pig, does not use mangonels or tower ballistae despite having large enough towers to support them. However the Wazir does use water and pitch defences very effectively, digging numerous small patches of moat to direct enemies into areas of pitch and wooden spike traps."


Well, our sabre wielding rider gets a comfortable second place. Now he can continue to relax in his star fort while torturing his civilian :)

Oh, here is my Wazir favourite castle design


Wazir 8 :




1.Duc Volpe, The Wolf

Ah, our favourite nemesis since early 2000 :). The bad ol' Wolf has 8 tottally different castle design and shapes! In his wiki page it says that "The Wolf likes to build massive castles with thick walls and large towers. All of his castles are surrounded by killing pits and plenty of pitch. Some of the Wolf's more complex castle designs can hold out against even the largest of siege forces if he is permitted enough time to dig his moat and establish his economy. Out of all the AI players encountered, the Wolf's castles are the true forts that deserve to call them 'strongholds'." I couldn't agree more of that. His castle looks really intimidating. All siege enggines, moats, killing pits, pitch, enggineer with oil aid in his defensive mechanism. But his placement of building, castle shape and neat placement of bad things really makes his castle good looking and somehow, his castle design really suits his personality as a cruel ruler!


Well, here is my favourite Wolf castle. It's not the biggest or the hardest, but it has the best looks imo


Wolf 3



Well, congratulation to The Wolf for his good looks yet well fortified castle :)


That was my opinion about best looking ai castle design. Tell me what do you think of this list? Do you agree? or do you have different opinion about ai castle design?

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