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    • New stronghold 2 Multiplayer Experience

      I have created a new Map Type in Stronghold 2.   Its about 2, or more players fighting for dominance of just village Flags. Those flags will grant the owner 10 gold per month.? everyone jhust has a keep, and no lord, so it enough to conquer your opponents keeps. everyone has access to granary, Market, mercenery Post, Baracks and Treasury through hotkeys.   everyone will get honur through hidden staues and Jousting grounds and gold trough taxes.   you can recruit soldier by using the hotkey "b" f

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    • Personal Experience With Scan.co.uk

      As a few of you may know I've had an issue with my power supply I ordered from Scan.co.uk. The item was faulty and would fail at random times during use. As you would, I sent it back for a replacement. Before this, they test it themselves. After the first test they claimed the item powered 3 test benches without fail, was within correct voltage levels etc. I was shocked and asked for it to be retested. It took 2 weeks for them to finally get around to doing it, AFTER, I had to remind them.? I re

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    • My Experience With Upgrading

      So these last 3 days have been a huge learning curve for me. I installed a new GPU (EVGA SuperClocked GTX 970) along with a new PSU (EVGA 650W) on Christmas evening. It all ran fine without any problems, I ran it for about an hour and a half. Then, boxing day, I began downloading Fallout 4, during the download the PC randomly turned itself off. Instantly I thought it was just a power surge, so I turned it back on, it got to the Windows loading screen and switched back off.?   I pulled the PC out

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