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    • Profile Statistic (Dat File)

      Recently I managed to obtain all Stronghold Legends trophies. The most annoying one for me was, without a doubt, the "10 days in-game" award. I tried to poke around the dat file for my game profile but couldn't figure it out, so instead I just left the game on overnight and while at work for a few weeks. Feels great to finally have all the awards, but I still want to figure out the dat file. Since in-game time is the one thing I really wanted to work out, I have decided to start there. My e

      in Stronghold Legends

    • Hi, I'm New, I Need Some Help With What to do Next

      Hey, so my boyfriend got me into playing Stronghold Crusader and I loved it.  Then he showed me SCE HD, and I bought the games on steam.  After playing through all the single player maps like 20 times, I'm bored and went looking for some more maps to download.  First off, Im a win 7 geek, and have Win10.  I have NO idea where maps go, how to differentiate between all this lingo I'm seeing, (apparently there are a bunch of games I just became aware of?)  Anyways, so can anyone please tell me what

      in Stronghold Crusader & Crusader Extreme

    • Want to make some small maps?

      Hi all!   This is Timballisto, I've been at Stronghold Heaven for a long time, but this is my first time posting here. ?It looks like people have migrated over this way, looks like a nice place.   I started a thread for a competition to make tiny maps in Stronghold and Stronghold Crusader. ?The idea is to get people together to make some maps that don't take an exorbitant amount of time or effort to create. ?Maps are required to be 160x160 and as long as 10 years in duration, the other details c

      in Stronghold 1

    • Server error when viewing user profile.

      I get the following error when attempting to view my profile.   The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration, we've been unable to display the page you requested. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused, use the link below to try again, alternatively you can return to the board index. Errno [ 8 ]: Undefined variable: panther_users in /home/path/to/profile.php on line 1833

      in Site Questions and Support

    • Stronghold 3 buy info and mini review

      if you would like to buy stronghold 3 to see how it is and don't mine using steam I recommend to get it from here https://www.g2a.com/stronghold-3-gold-steam-cd-key-global.html   This is where I obtain some of my games and has not failed me yet the reason im mentioning this as on steam in ?22 and to be honest I don't think its worth that I like what they done but it all broken in some kind of way mainly multiplayer and the stability so with that gone its replay ability is not much when I last pl

      in Stronghold 3

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