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Stronghold 2 Ai Lords Ranking

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Hello! i've been having a question for a while. i have seen stronghold crusader ai lords rankings in forums a lot but...i wanted to know about stronghold 2's ai lords rankings too. i searched it but i couldn't find anything. can someone rank the ai lords of stronghold 2 for me? anyways i have ranked them by myself but i don't know if its right or not:

(from strong to weak)

1-The King

2-The Queen

3-The Hammer

4-Sir William

5-The Hawk

6-The Bishop

7-Lady Seren

8-The Bull


10-Sir Grey

11-Sir Edwin


download and play my stronghold 2 custom war! i worked hard on it


Bear And Oil.s2m

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That's interesting stuff, I like the fact that those lord's cannot be compared so easily. In some situations some of them are stronger than the other. For example, you put Olaf too low in my option. While his stronghold is too basic, and he certainly doesn't do well in deathmatch games, he actually rocks in games where you start from the lowest rank! That's why I like to play with him, and pair him with Hammer for example. Then Olaf can give you a lot of trouble in the beginning of the game, while Hammer would do any harm to you at all. On the other hand, when you grow stronger, then Olaf cannot hold his ground against your swordsmen. On the other hand, although Hammer cannot hurt you even then, it's more of a challenge to fight against his elite troops!

That being said, I like your list! While it is hard to compare them, your comparison makes perfect sense for late game. I might want to put Hammer higher though.

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