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    • New CivCity Rome Screenshots

      I've posted several CivCity Rome screenshots I've found to our Gallery, here are one or two below. You can grab the map here from the first one underneath. Enjoy!      

      in CivCity Rome

    • Looking for active coders for a server.

      This may be moved to the Open Castle Inn, but since it's volunteering, it fits better here :)   A few friends and I have decided to finish (after a long time) preparation for our ArmA 3 Altis Life server. Everything is more or less done, however there are a few more plugins and errors that need fixing. I myself can't code, and so have been working on the map itself and the website. If you are to join, then you are agreeing to become a member of the server and help with future coding, not just a

      in The Open Castle Inn

    • When looking for another GPU and CPU...

      Hey, guys! I wanted to ask this one question, as I have this one older PC, and I tough how I could improve it a little. Not my newer one, but this older one.   Firstly, I would like to know do I need to look after something specific if I wanted to replace my GPU or CPU? When one wants to change RAM memory, he needs to pay attention if it is DDR2, or DDR3 for example. For this one I needed DDR2 for example. So, would any newer CPU or GPU work on this PC / its motherboard, or I need to pay attenti

      in Computer Support

    • Best looking AI castle

      There are 16 AI in Stronghold Crusader. Each, has a different 8 castle design variant. Of all those AI's castle, which one or who do you think has the most beautiful/good looking castle design. We're going to ignore their defense etc. Judging based only by pure looks   Well, let me get this started. Here is my top 5 AI castle design   Honorable mention : Richard The Lionheart Richard's castle is in my opinion, although simple, but has a good looks. His square castle with 4 big towers ressembles

      in Stronghold Crusader & Crusader Extreme

    • Offering help with creating good looking signatures using GIMP

      I am creating this tread in order to help others in creating good looking banners. It is something that may concern with competitions for best signatures of the month, but it doesn't have to. What is my goal is to help everyone to create a good looking signature, and for that reason I proposed "soldiers from Stronghold" to be the theme of the competition, as I hope everyone will be able to easily create a nice banner.   Image manipulation program I am recommending is GIMP, as it is free, easy to

      in The Open Castle Inn

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