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    • Stronghold 1 HD (GOG AND STEAM Issues)

      Specs: Win7 pro 64bit , i5-6500 CPU, GTX 960 Graphics, 16gb Ram - Fresh installation , all drivers up to date.   GOG Version issue: I launch game and screen flickers like 5-10 times and the game will sometimes load , but often it will just be a black screen and I'll have to power off PC . I've tried multiple compatibility modes , Desktop is 1920x1080 , I set resolution ingame to 1920x1080.?   Steam Version issue: Game launches fine , game runs perfect 120+ FPS steadily . issue is my game will su

      in Stronghold 1

    • An Hour of Digging Through SH2 Files & Folders

      Before I start, I'd like to point out that many of what I am about to list are likely to have been discovered before. I am simply posting my own discoveries, in hope that perhaps not all of you have seen them! I should note, this is all discovered by using Stronghold 2 - v1.4.1 (The most recent patch).     The "readme" file: The first easy-to-find file I found, was the "readme" file located in the default SH2 directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Firefly Studios\Stronghold 2). The file contains info

      in Stronghold 2

    • Notification when there are new files in Downloads Central at forum

      Hi, I just came to this idea... One way to this would be to have this notification on the top bar near "Private Messages" for example, and it would be "No New Files", when there is something we haven't checked yet, and there would be "There are 3 new files" if there are 3 new files for example.   Also Downloads Section could be displayed as a section by itself - not as a subsection of Site Questions and Support, and it could change the icon when there are new files just the way a section icon wo

      in Site Questions and Support

    • My Files List

      What happened to the option of being able to view all my uploaded files on one page? I really liked being able to view what and when I uploaded. Perhaps there is a way to see this, I just haven't seen it.

      in Site Questions and Support

    • Downloads Rules for Uploading Files

      We have guidelines, but no official rules for uploading files. After a number of fairly bad files that have been uploaded to us, @Lord Vetka and I have decided to create some official rules. These new rules are adapted from already existing guidelines.   We are proud of the quality and safety of the content available for download here at StrongholdNation. The staff members who test all these are volunteers. The establishment and enforcement of these rules will make the process easier for all of

      in Site Questions and Support

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