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Myths, Legends and Mysteries......01-29-23

''Walker'' (The Walking Dead Television Series)           Celluloid Terrors                            

''The Mosul Orb''                                                               UFO Case Studies                          


History Thru The Ages......01-30-23

''German Enzian E1 (Flying Missile)''                               Missiles and Rockets in History                              

''German A34 (Kormoran) MP Missile''                          Missiles and Rockets in History                              


History Thru The Ages......01-31-23

''Winchester Model 1892 44-70 Rifle''                             Firearms Thru History                  

''Remington 10-Gauge Shot Pistol''                                 Firearms Thru History        



''Winchester Model 1892 (Sawed Off) Rifle                    Firearms Thru History            


Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-03-23

''Magic Circle''                                                                      The Occult                                   


History Thru The Ages......02-06-23

''HMS (Centurion)''                                                              Warships of History                                              

''Damarius Page''                                                               General History                               

''British Bristol (Scout) M1 Fighter Plane''                      Military Aircraft of The World  

''Xlejli Tower''                                                                      Castles & Fortifications   


Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-06-23

''World War Z''                                                                    Celluloid Terror                                           


Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-09-23

''St. Cecilia''                                                                         Saints, Religious and Holy Relics       

''Molten Gold''                                                                    Man's Inhumanity to Man                                


''History Thru The Ages......02-10-23

''USS (Indiana)''                                                                  Warships of History                            


Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-11-23

''The Haunted Flower Child''                                            Ghosts & Hauntings        


History Thru The Ages......02-21-23                             

''Japanese Kokusai Ki-76 Spotter Plane''                       Military Aircraft of The World   

''German Focke Wulf Fw-58 Multi-Purpose Plane''     Military Aircraft of The World   

''British Farley (Battle) Light Bomber''                           Military Aircraft of The World      

''German Gotha G0-242 Glider''                                     Military Aircraft of The World

''US F4F (Wildcat) Fighter Plane''                                    Military Aircraft of The World


History Thru The Ages......02-27-23

''Soviet (Echo)-Class BM Submarine''                             Warships of History

''North Korean (Sinpo)-Class BM Submarine''              Warships of History

''Chinese Type 092 BM Submarine''                               Warships of History

''US M102  105mm Light Howitzer''                                Artillery Thru The Ages


Myths, Legends and Mysteries......02-28-23

''The Eternal Funeral''                                                       Simply Weird

''Whitecapping''                                                                 Man's Inhumanity To Man


History Thru THe Ages......03-08-23

''French (Triompahnt)-Class Submarine''                     Warships of History


Myths, Legends and Mysteries......03-12-23

''Cybele''                                                                              Ancient Gods

''Perchta''                                                                            Ancient Gods

''The Tuscon Artifacts''                                                      Simply Weird


Myths, legends and Mysteries......03-13-23

''Aun The Old''                                                                    Legends From Around The World

''Cola Pesce''                                                                       Legends From Around The World

''The Golden Rivet''                                                            Legends From Around The World


History Thru The Ages......03-18-23

''Iranian (Saeqeh) Fighter Jet''                                         Military Aircraft of The World

''German S-18/100 105mm Anti-Tank Rifle''                Artillery Thru The Ages


History Thru The Ages......08-19-23

''Soviet (Zulu)-Class Submarine''                                     Warships of History

''US (Benjamin Franklin)-Class Submarine''                  Warships of History


Myths, Legends & Mysteries......08-20-23

''St. Agnes of Rome''                                                         Saints, Religious and Holy Relics


History Thru The Ages......08-21-23

''Soviet PM 1910 7.62mm Heavy Machine Gun''         Firearms Thru History

''Chinese (Chaing Kai-shek) 7.92mm Rifle''                  Firearms Thru History

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