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I Beat Road to Hell!

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I know Legends is the odd one out for a lot of Stronghold fans, but I've always enjoyed it. My two favorite games in the series stands between SH2 and SHL. Been a fan of the series since the original Stronghold came out in 2001. I still remember when I saw it in a local game store, brought it home with me the same day and never looked back. I must admit to not really following the series after I was hugely disappointed with SH3. They released a Linux version, which was abandoned shortly after. I wish they would just take it down because the Linux version does not include the newest patches or any of the DLC's.

I'm one of those people who actually like having digital releases of games now, simply because of convenience and I also don't have to worry about game discs becoming unreadable at some point. But, it must be said that I always prefer GOG because of the no-DRM policy they run.

But enough off-topic talk here. I have not played these games much lately. Came back to SH2 and Legends with the Steam Editions, but then stopped playing for a while. Some weeks back my interest resurfaced and I decided to do the Trails in Legends. Last time I completed them all was before the games came to Steam, and I remembered the Road to Hell trail to be particularly challenging towards the end. My memory was quite correct. My reactions are not what they used to be as I'm almost 40 now, so I am very happy for the option to change game speed while you are playing. I tend to set it quite low while I'm building up and defending against sieges.

Still, this last mission had me sweating through the early stages. Those cursed giants that Siegfried sends in constantly was making it difficult to maintain a good defense. But once the my number of crossbowmen were high enough, combined with a few Knights of the Round Table, I began to hold my own quite easily. I had obviously taken out Vlad as soon as I could get my men over there, I don't see any other way to do this mission. Thankfully, Siegfried was also easy to take out once my defenses were in place. I sent over one dragon and almost killed him with that dragon. Then I just made a second dragon and finished him off. With just Arthur left, things were becoming quite relaxing. I massed 40 knights, and 5 trebuchets. The trebuchets were positioned so they could make holes in both walls from the same position. Then I just rode my knights directly to Arthur's keep.

This is the second time in my life I've completed this particular Trail, feels quite satisfying.

Now off to do the Arthur trail. Never done that one before. If I recall correctly, it was originally only available to owners of a Special Edition which was only released in the US, so I could not get it.

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