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Sir Nikola Altomanovic

Best Tactic Against Mass Troops

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Hello to all. I am new here. Forum is really good and all Stronghold 2 Nation.

What is the best tactic against mass shields, horse archers, catapults, balistas etc...

How players can stand with this kind of tactics and oppose?


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This is a great question!

When it comes to things like Cats, I usually attempt to manually dismantle them with troops, or take them out via powerful long-ranged troops. The only other real way is either wall-mounted rolling logs, or usually some kind of fire, which can destroy them exceptionally fast.

Horse Archers are a major pain. I've been decimated by those far more times than I'd like to admit by @ Mathew Steel .... especially when in larger groups. I have a really efficient tactic of spawning Knights very fast, so Tom decided to start spawning many Horse Archers to combat them.. and, to be fair it works, quite well. I find Fire Ballistae work really well in dispensing Horse Archers.

Catapults and Ballistae are much easier to destroy unless in particularly large groups, but I'm quite traditional in that I always believe in taking out the siege equipment first. I tend to send melee troops out to destroy these units or harass them with guerilla warfare to wear them down and then take them out.

Hope this helps!


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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