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    • Problem When Posting Youtube Link

      Hi, I just wanted to point that, when I try to post a message with a YouTube link, I get the following message. Now, this message does not appear when I put the youtube link in the URL BB tag, it appears only when I just copy/paste the link. That's when the forum tries to embed the video into the post. I try posting the link in this topic. Not much of a problem, it's not important for me to embed the video into a post, I don't care about that at all. But still, I think it's important

      in Site Questions and Support

    • Download Section - Scenarios

      I have made a dozen scenarios earlier and had them published on another stronghold site. How do you feel about relaunching some of them here? I know they have to meet certain standards, but I'm confident that at least a handfull of them are, if not all. I've played (Stronghold and) Stronghold Crusader (SC) since release, but nowadays I find it more amusing to create content, than to play it. It's mainly to add more to the download section of StongholdNation, but also because I can't see myself d

      in Site Questions and Support

    • Modding With Any Image File

      Can I file with any image file that I want to use on Stronghold 2? I want to know what to do step by step to make the armoAle to save it correctly. When I use the alpha channels nothing seems to work.

      in Stronghold 2

    • Trouble uploading a map

      hi, I've been having trouble submitting a map.i keep getting? error message /page not found.

      in Site Questions and Support

    • Download not approved

      I submitted a map for stronghold 1 ,looked fot it here and i get an error not found message,any thoughts? the file is called 'the divided kingdom'. I tried to resubmit it using version one of the file,but then i get 'file already exists'.

      in Site Questions and Support

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