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Monsters Myths Article Index

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Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #126

1.    Aitu

2.    Anthropomancy

3.    Ash Wednesday

4.    Bhaironji

5.    The City of The Caesars

6.    The ''Coats of Skin''

7.    Dusios

8.    Elioud

9.    Fulu

10.  Gualichu

11.  Hashmal

12.  Hyang

13.  Jophiel

14.  The Killakee Cat

15.  Misbaha

16.  Nazi'at and Nashitat

17.  ''Of Exorcisms and Certain Supplications''

18.  Oracle Bones

19.  Orunmila

20.  Shanghyang

21.  Sunda Wiwitan

22.  Taotao Mona

23.  Turbah Karbala

24.  Vade Retro Satana

25.  Yaktovil

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Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #127

1.    Anito

2.    Asbeel

3.    ''Attack of The Beast Creatures'' (1985)

4.    ''Ava's Possessions'' (2015)

5.    Barsom

6.    Black Cat Bone

7.    ''Cathy's Curse'' (1977)

8.    Crepundia

9.    The Demonic Case of Anna Ecklund

10.  ''Destroyoah'' (''Godzilla'' Film Franchise, 1995)

11.  Glaucus

12.  Gope Board

13.  Greek Magical Papyri

14.  Hanuman

15.  Kupua

16.  Rehue

17.  The Ring of Gyges

18.  Scottish Painted Pebbles

19.  St. Expeditus

20.  Tchitcherik

21.  Tiki

22.  Bau

23.  Sefer Yetzirah

24.  Thyrsus

25.  Gula


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Monsters & Myths Articles Index Page #128

1.    Asclephius

2.    Prayer To Saint Michael

3.    ''A Ghostly Leader of A Revolution?...The Stramge Case of Alice Auma''

4.    Insufflation

5.    Piment

6.    Zebola

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