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Mathew Steel

Firefly Studios Discord - Chance to win access to Warlords Alpha!

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Greetings, all!


Getting started...

Firefly has an official Discord with an ongoing metagame designed to allow all?members of the winning team alpha access to Stronghold: Warlords. To participate, first download and create your account with Discord. You can find a link to that here -?https://discordapp.com/


Next, join the Official Stronghold discord via this invite (this will automatically launch the Discord app for you) -?https://discord.gg/k5452MZ


Now, join one of the three teams. To do so, navigate to the #pick-a-side channel and type one of the following: ?horde ?shogun ?dynasty


Doing so will assign you to a team and unlock the remainder of the discord. I personally am a member of Horde?and have been active in the metagame. So...how does the metagame work?



The Metagame

The winning team will be decided by the team with the most accumulated coins by the end of the metagame. It's that simple! So, how does one acquire coins? Numerous ways:

- talking

- working

- robbing

- crime


Talking - Simply communicate with members of the Discord!

Working - This is a command you can type once every 12 hours to earn a random amount of coins (usually around 30).

Robbing - You can steal cash?from other players. Be careful, you are fined if caught!

Crime - Random chance of being successful. Be careful, you are fined if caught!


There are 3 things to remember!?Cash?is money on-hand. Bank?is money in your bank account, this money cannot be robbed. However, you must deposit your cash into the bank by using the deposit command. Networth?is the total of your cash and bank combined. This plays a crucial role in robbing! The higher your networth, the lower your chance of successfully robbing a target. Be sure your target has a higher networth than you to increase the chance of success!


The Journey

Alongside the methods of money-making I have listed, there is the journey. This is similar to the adventures roleplay we once held in Stronghold Nation. Each team has their own adventure. Everyone begins in the same place, but must vote on what they do next! Different votes will lead to different paths. Why is this important? Well, along the journey, you will encounter Warlords. Please these Warlords, and they will grant your team extra coins, thus increasing your chance of winning the metagame.


Final words

I suppose now would be a good time to mention I'm a moderator in the Discord. I'm still going to be active here too, so don't worry about that! I'm not advertising for Firefly's sake, I'm simply enjoying the metagame and would like you all to have a chance of winning alpha access too! So come join in and choose your team (pick Horde :P).

"Gofyn wyf am galon hapus, calon onest, calon l?n."

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Thanks for letting know others about this. This might be very useful for anybody wanting their hands on the new Stronghold. I did know about this, but not this much in detail. I merely knew that this exists.


A sidenote. Thanks to something like this I got my copy of Crusader 2 back in the groove day. :D I think it was Nigel who told back then that I could ask for the game if I was to make a gameplay video and promote the game. Again, thanks Nigel. :D

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Hi guys,


been away from the game for a while, but Stronghold will always be among the games I follow.

I joined their discord and am taking part in their meta-game as a member of the Shogunate team. A fun little thing and I hope this is a sign that FireFly will be doing more stuff for the player community.


Oh, Eeagle, glad you remember that one and I am gad I gave you the pointer to it in the olden days. Much fun :)

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Another thing. :D Now I know I wrote the previous post here from the phone. "back in the groove day". Weird typos like this this happen to me only when typing from the phone with autocorrect. :D


But really, it meant to me a lot. :) Now I'm working, and I can afford myself to buy stuff like this, but back in 2015 I had just got the job at my faculty, and it was way harder to spare some money. :)

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I joined the metagame on the side of the Shogunate before I read that Matthew is a mod for the faction of the Horde.


But, lo and behold, the Horde won. Congratulations Matthew.

It was a fun game. GG, I really enjoyed it.


By the way, Matthew, what is your discord name on that server? Mine is just "Nigel".

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