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Official Download Central Review Guidelines

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Official Download Central Review Guidelines


The following rules and regulations will come into place once you post, comment or review in our Download Central. By doing so, it is assumed you have agreed with these guidelines.


Firstly, self-reviews are not allowed. Any such reviews will be removed by a downloads moderator. Because it is impossible for us to keep everything perfect on our site, we would ask that if users find any content that is malicious, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate they report it using the report_file.gif icon at the end of a comment, review or file. Our moderators will then check this out and if found true, the file/comment will be disabled, or in some cases, but not necessarily, removed.


Why review or comment on a file?


This will allow the user to receive other opinions on their work, other opinions they may never have thought of. Reviewing people's files will give them a chance to better improve their work, and to not make the same mistakes again. No extreme criticism of people's work is allowed. Any such posts may be removed. Be civil at all times, everything you get is voluntary, please remember that. Any file authors who get abusive will have the applicable files closed. This means no more comments or reviews can be added. You never know, the same person may be around to review your own work!




The scores range from 5 to 1. 5 is the highest, and while it is nice to give everyone 5's, it isn't always appropriate. That doesn't mean be too harsh either, try and be fair. The different areas you give a score for are:


Written Description, Playability, Landscape, Creativity. An average of these values (mean) will give the overall rating. You can edit the text of a review, but not even a downloads moderator can edit the ratings of a review.


Written Description


We understand that not everybody likes writing, and that not everybody reads a complete written description when downloading. For that reason, feel free to give whatever you feel is appropriate for this for whatever reason. I.E. Mark for how interesting, how much you enjoyed it or even just how helpful you generally found it.




How playable the map was; or, in other words, how good it was to play it, how many times do you think you could play it again and get different results or do different things, did you enjoy playing it, did it keep you hooked?




How good or detailed was the landscape? Obviously it doesn't have to include micro-detail, but the same boring colour everywhere would be 1. How much variety does the landscape have? How exciting is it?




How creative was the file author? Is this map unique or could you find another one completely the same somewhere else? Does this map include things that others do not?


Reviews and comments do not get approved, all are publicly visible worldwide from the second you post. To do this it would require a lot of administrative time which we can ill-afford. StrongholdNation trusts the users to use the comment/review features appropriately. Failure of this may result in your ability to use them being removed. Please report any abusive posts to the site staff. StrongholdNation trusts the site staff to use their best judgment in assessing the intention of people who make such posts. If the staff member feels that any portion of a post is intended to be disruptive, insulting or generally inappropriate, they are empowered to remove or alter the post and in worst case, ban the poster.


The fields have eyes, and the woods have ears.

⁠— Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales: The Knight's Tale

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