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  1. I'm currently using the i5 4460 and I had no issues with it. more than enough for me atm. my mother board is


    [td]Asus H97-PLUS, Intel H97, S1150, DDR3, Quad CrossFireX, D-Sub, DVI-D, HDMI, ATX????? [/td]




    but it won't match your colour scheme


    the i5 4460 was ?139.38 when I bought it but seems to gone up on same website to ?144 so I saved a ?5 I guess lol


    this will fit your colour scheme but it may push past your total budget scheme by like ?10-20


  2. well lets not let this topic die (typed this once but didn't submit dam it)

    Well there many different techs that can be improved but the one I would like to see is more in-depth virtual reality to a more advance scale where it goes beyond the 2 senses sight and and hearing to the other senses like the in the anime sword arts online (probably no one here seen it but oh well) it will make more games and worlds more dynamic and interesting.


    as for other tech there is so much that we can progress in such as in medical and more advance space travel its just waiting to be discovered or invented it just when and by who.


    I just hope all this happens in my lifetime if lucky but who knows progression can dramatically speed up or slow down to an halt but lets just hope its momentum speeds up we may see some fascinating things

  3. Yeah don't worry your not the only one and I know what you mean (i been checking forums regularly but not really replying) and as chris said it all up to you when you come on and off the site. everyone here has a life of the site so no one will hold it against ya if you inactive for a while, well I wont anyway :P

  4. The thing about stronghold 3 is like what they was doing with it but one downside was no skirmish fair enough I can live without as there multiplayer which leads to the other downside which is it constantly crash specially with more than one opponent which crashes often as well which is a problem as multiplayer was the one of the things I look most forward to specially upgrading the keep :P the game it self is a good game but don't expect much from multiplayer is all I can say. I did try a few months ago to try multiplayer again crashed when starting/loading and there has been no updates since so I guess it aint change much I guess what you start a MP game just pray luck on your side lol

  5. I like G2A to buy most of my games but I don't know what server they run on buy they do games deals with paypal and paysafecard and they also theirown. but I trust and so does my friends. but I'll look into it and also I a windows user so I aint the virus so all good also my bet is give it a week and I bet the virus been patched. not every virus is perfect they have flaws

  6. I loved the moats and drawbridges was such a nice effect and it helped defence specially bow in this case as if it like the original crusader melee units can shop down the walls and moats where the only thing stopping them from storming through

  7. well I kinda narrowed it down to it could be either the GPU or the motherboard. but my system random shuts down or restarts it random atm so I could have a day where it ok and a day where it happens only started happening 4 days ago also for today and yesterday I went to start my computer and the fan spinned loud and extremely fast and it only went to normal after turning the comp off and on several times as it wouldn't start up until it started normal if you get what I meani checked my RAM and my TEMPS and there is no memory errors or overheating problems and haven't had any graphical problems and my PSU seem to be working fine

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