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  1. Hello Lord Chris,

    I don't usually join forums, but I have a huge problem with a map I am building in SH2 and don't have the required content to send a DM, so you're getting a public comment :-P

    I can't find a solution anywhere else, but I keep seeing your comments solving many other issues.

    Basically, after a certain amount of time (seemingly random at first) all the animations in the map freeze but continue to function correctly. Villagers are frozen but still do the work, sliding around everywhere. Same with soldiers and fights. I've never seen it in any map before. The curious thing is that as I searched through older files of the same map the problem was always there, but only after more time. So the freeze happens sooner on my later versions of the map, which is a pain because I am so close to finishing the most unique and intriguing map you've probably ever seen, and could probably still show you new things in the map editor, even after all these years!I'm trying to upload a GIF to show you what I mean but it's not having it. Check my Steam profile (SteelyProv)

    I can send you a copy of the map if you like, but I don't want to post it public...yet.

    I'm running Steam 1.5



    1. Lord_Chris



      I replied to your topic here:


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