Stronghold 2 Military Buildings



In order to train any of the standard troops in the game, including Spearmen, Archers and Knights, you must have a Barracks placed. To create troops, select the Barracks and then left click on the unit you wish to purchase. You will also need free peasants available at your campfire before you will be able to recruit any troops, as well as any necessary weapons to recruit your troops. These are produced through various industries and stored in the Armoury.

You can also set custom rally points through the Barracks as well. To do this, simply left click on the flag marker on the Barracks screen, select the troop icon you wish to set a rally point for, and then select a point on the map. If successful, you will see a green flag on the map where you set the rally point.

Cost: 10

Resource: Stone


The Castle Armoury is where all of your industry-produced weapons are stored. Without placing an Armoury in your castle and producing weapons, you will only be able to train Armed Peasants at the Barracks, although you can still recruit troops from the Mercenary Post without having placed an Armoury.

Cost: 5, 5

Resource: Stone, Wood

Engineer's Guild

Engineers are probably some of the most useful units in the game, and the Engineer's Guild will allow you to recruit these units. Engineers will rebuild your walls during times of siege, man siege equipment and also man oil smelters.

The Engineer's Guild is also compulsory if you wish to create siege equipment from your siege camp, and without placing it you will only be able to recruit Laddermen from your Siege Camp.

Cost: 10, 100

Resource: Stone, Gold

Mercenary Post

The Mercenary Post will allow you to recruit Mercenaries in the game. Unlike with the Barracks, no Armoury or weapons are actually required here and you may simply recuit Mercenary troops based on the amount of gold they cost.

You can also set custom rally points for each troop type. To do this, select the flag marker once the Mercenary Post screen is open. Next, select your troop type, and left click anywhere on the map to set a rally marker for that troop type. If successful, you will see a green flag on the map where you set the rally point.

Cost: 15

Resource: Wood

Siege Camp

The Siege Camp is the only building in the entire game which can be placed outside of your own estate and village estate boundaries (i.e. in any territory on the map). You recruit siege equipment here which can be used to destroy an enemy castle, better fortify areas or prepare for a siege. Ladderman will periodically return to the Siege Camp to fetch as many ladders as possible.

Cost: 500

Resource: Gold


The Stables periodically produces Horses which your Knights can mount and ride into battle. The maximum number of Horses which can exist in the Stables at any one time is three, although once Horses have left the Stables and been mounted by a Knight, they will automatically regenerate again over time. The Lord can also mount a Horse as well.

Cost: 10, 400

Resource: Wood, Gold

Tower and Wall Brazier

Tower and Wall Braziers can only be placed on Gatehouses, Walls or Towers. Nearby Archers or Crossbowmen can use these to set fire to pitch ditches near your castle and cause damage to attacking enemy units.

Cost: 50

Resource: Gold

Stone Tipper

Stone Tippers can be used to defend your castle against attacking enemy units. They can only be placed on a Small Gatehouse or existing walls. To activate them, left click on them and click the release icon. Once used they will take a short time to regenerate the stones again.

Cost: 200

Resource: Gold

Rock Basket

Rock Baskets will allow all troops stationed on your walls to throw stones at an attacking enemy, even if they aren't a ranged troop. They can only be placed on Gatehouses, walls or Towers.

Cost: 100

Resource: Gold

Oil Smelter

Four Engineers will arrive once you have placed this structure. When boiling oil is made from pitch, two Engineers will will have boiling oil to pour over attacking enemy units. These engineers can be positioned wherever you wish.

Cost: 10, 100

Resource: Iron, Gold

War Hound Cage

War Hounds will attack any unit or worker which gets close enough to them, including your own units. They will continue doing so until eventually killed. War Hound Cages can be used as a good last line of defence.

Cost: 200

Resource: Gold

Man Trap

Man traps cannot be seen by enemy units and will trigger over any unit that walks over them, usually killing them outright unless they are armoured. They are a quarter of the size of a killing pit.

Cost: 6, 1

Resource: Wood, Gold

Killing Pit

Killings pits are similar to man traps, but are larger and are only triggered once a certain weight has been placed on top of them. One Swordsman might trigger this trap while it may take a number of armed peasants to trigger it. Similarly to man traps these also cannot be seen by the enemy.

Cost: 20, 2

Resource: Wood, Gold

Pitch Ditches

Pitch Ditches are defensive ditches placed around your castle which your Archers can set fire to, if they are stationed nearby a Tower and Wall Brazier. The effects of lighting a pitch ditch will cause widespread damage to all enemy units nearby. Pitch ditches cannot be seen by the enemy and can also activate a chain of pitch ditches nearby if placed correctly, as the fire spreads rapidly from where the ditch is placed.

Cost: 1

Resource: Pitch


Moat is quite expensive but if you have enough gold, it is an incredibly effective means of keeping the enemy at bay. There is no alternative to digging the moat out or going around it, all of which buys your defenders valuable time in destroying an attacking enemy force.

Cost: 40

Resource: Gold

Wall Mounted Rolling Logs

Wall Mounted Rolling Logs must be placed on existing walls. They can prove quite devastating when unleashed against the enemy as they roll a long distance, cause slight fire and do significant damage, particularly to slower moving troops. They can also destroy any buildings they come into contact with, particularly if they are wooden.

Cost: 200

Resource: Gold

Tower Mounted Mangonel

These Mangonels can be placed on towers. Two Engineers man these, although their use as a siege weapon can be limited due to the fact they can be extremely innaccurate. However, these weapons can cover a wider area than Tower Mounted Ballistae.

Cost: 100

Resource: Gold

Tower Mounted Ballista

Tower Mounted Ballistae can be placed on top of towers. Engineers man these devices and they are usually pretty accurate weapons in dealing out a lot of damage against the enemy.

Cost: 100

Resource: Gold

Tunnel Entrance

Tunneling is an often overlooked and rarely used choice of taking down enemy walls, although it's certainly accurate and does work. You can assign Engineers to man tunnels, up to a maximum of 5, by clicking on the "Engineer" button. Select a target point by clicking with the red target point button and then clicking on an enemy wall, some towers or some stone buildings such as the Treasury.

Cost: 20, 100

Resource: Wood, Gold