Customising your crest in Stronghold 2

  • Stronghold 2 Tutorial
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

In Stronghold 2 crests are displayed on every banner, flag, shield, gatehouse and even knights' horses that belong to a player. This tutorial will show you how to change your crest in Stronghold 2, and explore what requirements are needed if you are creating your own crest. To begin, the folder where crests are stored is Stronghold 2/crests. After going to this folder, find the file named crest1.png which is the crest that belongs to the player. Some useful points to note:

  • Crests must be in PNG format, and cannot be larger than 128x128 pixels.
  • Crests must not display a massively complex design - if this is indeed the case, a solid grey crest will be displayed instead.
  • Crests will be reversed when hanging from flags, so avoid text and anything that does not reverse well.
  • Try to keep the background as simple as possible, to one or two colours.
  • Place any real detail in the center 70x70 pixels of the crest to ensure that the detail is available in all places displayed.
  • It will work on any lord, you simply need to change the crest for that specific lord.
  • Firefly have numerous crests already available in sub-folders, but you can download crests from our custom crest gallery as well.

The crests officially correspond to Lords as follows, although in Kingmaker and Multiplayer crests are designated by the order of opponent, not by who the opponent is.


Crest Player
Crest 0 Neutral Estates
Crest 1 Player
Crest 2 Olaf
Crest 3 Lord Barclay
Crest 4 The Hawk
Crest 5 The Bull
Crest 6 Sir William
Crest 7 Edwin
Crest 8 Lady Seren
Crest 9 The King
Crest 10 The Queen


First of all, choose which create you would like, or - you could make it yourself. There are several programs available you can use to create crests. I use Paint.NET, but other options include the built-in Microsoft Paint, along with the commercial option of Adobe Photoshop. For this tutorial I will be using this crest from our custom crests gallery.

To change your crest, copy it into the crests folder and rename it to crest1a.

Rename crest1 to crest1b.

Rename crest1a to crest1.

Now open up Stronghold 2, and take a look at the result!