Conquest Trail: #2 Javier

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 1 min

By Lord_Chris

In this mission you are sieging Javier. This is good news because it means you can take a proper look at the map before you try to attack it and no enemy will interfere with you before you do so. You will immediately see that Javier is a very small castle north of your position.

Start by sending your Laddermen to the side of the castle which does not contain any rock tippers. This is imperative to avoid both your laddermen getting killed and your ladders getting destroyed. At the same time, send all of your Archers and place them left of the Gatehouse, and just afterwards move your Swordsmen to the same position.

Your laddermen will quickly overpower the walls, so send your Archers straight up onto the Gatehouse and deal a little bit of damage. Once you've killed most of the troops on the first wall, send your Archers up to the right Tower, where you can easily attack your Lord. Your Swordsmen should be able to head straight over the Gatehouse now providing it hasn't been re-captured- so send them straight in to kill off some of the enemy swordsmen. Head straight up to the Crossbowmen who will need taking up before they do any serious damage to your army.

Now you have only a single objective- to kill the enemy Lord. Your Swordsmen are strong and will survive any ranged or melee attacks on the way up to reach the enemy Lord, providing you keep them all together as a group. Your Archers will probably be falling in numbers now, so push on ahead with your Swordsmen instead.

Eventually you will reach the Lord and quickly overpower him- victory! You can click here for a saved game of this mission from our downloads section.