Sim Campaign: Mission 6 - Village in the Marsh

  • Stronghold 2 Mission Walkthrough
  • 2 mins

By Lord_Chris

Mission Objectives:

• Win: No Gong In Your Estates
• Win: No Rats In Your Estates
• Lose: Your Lord Dies
• Lose: Time Until Defeat: 24 Months

This mission is a tough one, because you have an exceptionally small timescale to try and remove all of the rats and gong from your estates. Unfortunately, the game automatically reduces the levels of food in your own Granary down to virtually nothing, and the same with your wood. You will therefore have to start the game by purchasing wood to get yourself moving again. About 200 should suffice for now. Make sure you delete the three Carter Posts from your previous mission that were delivering goods to Sir William's Castle, as this will stop you wasting any more food.

You don't however have to be a fan of Conservative economics to realise this is not good for your economy having to buy all this wood with nothing coming in to replace it. You may wish to sell some weapons or other resources such as Stone to increase the gold you have available. You will almost certainly have more than enough gold to cover all the wood you need anyway, but this does reduce any losses you may encounter by doing so.

Next, start work in your new estate. This is just to the east of your position. Start by placing an immediate three gong pits, and three falconer posts. You will also need to protect this estate from being attacked by Outlaws (unless you already destroyed the Outlaw camp) so send around 20 or 30 Archers to guard the flagpole of your estate. A note of caution however, make sure that your soldiers do not pass through any gong, because this may make them ill or even kill some of them. Next, place another two hovels in that estate, and another two apple farms. Keep everything as compact as possible.

Now head back to your other two estates, and place another gong pit and falconer post in each of them. This should help you to get started. When you have enough wood, scatter another two gong pits and falconer posts in your newest estate. Unfortunately as the game progresses there is a chance that the rats could move out of your estate and onto different parts of the map entirely.

Sadly in this situation there is very little you can actually do other than wait for the rats to return to your own estate again. However this doesn't actually make much difference anyway because as long as your own estates are clear, then you will win regardless.

Finally, keep an eye out on your own estate. Gong and rats are generated in there throughout this mission, so you may need to have to build a second gong pit and falconer post. Once all your estates are clear, a message from the scribe will appear telling you this, so make sure you save your game before the end of this mission to keep your progress. You can also get your saved game for this mission here from the downloads section.